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Lotto 6 aus 49

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How to play Lotto 6 aus 49

The Lotto 6 aus 49 is Germany's biggest domestic lottery. The rules are really quite simple: you need to choose 6 numbers out of a selection of 1 to 49 and one "Super Number" out of a selection of 1 to 9. The six winning numbers drawn plus the "Super Number" win the jackpot.

The jackpot draw is held twice per week and takes place on Wednesday and Saturday evening. The draw is broadcast live in Germany and can be followed online from the operator's website. The lotto has become a mainstay feature in Germany after creating several high profile multi millionaires. The odds of winning Lotto 6 aus 49 jackpot are around one in 140 million.

The draw is determined by drawing 6 numbers (from 1 to 49), plus one "Super Number " from 1 to 9. The Super Number, which is the last number of the lotto ticket, also gives to the players the possibility to win extra prizes.

Here are the nine prize categories, and the odds of winning:

1. 6 + "Super Number" 1 : 139,838,160
2. 6 1 : 15,537,573
3. 5 + "Super Number" 1 : 542,008
4. 5 1 : 60,223
5. 4 + "Super Number" 1 : 10,324
6. 4 1 : 1,147
7. 3 + "Super Number" 1 : 567
8. 3 1 : 63
9. 2 + "Super Number" 1 : 76


A little bit of background...

The German Lotto began in 1955 and was the world's first modern style lotto. Lotto 6 aus 49 was launched in 1974, and has become a popular national lottery in Germany. The lotto paid out Germany's biggest ever domestic lotto jackpot win of €43 million euros in 2007. Lotto 6aus49 winners have been known to spend their winnings on Bavarian mansions, classic Mercedes-Benz and works of art - but a philanthropic German nation is also one of the biggest philanthropic lotto donors. Since 2007, nearly €30 million has been donated to German charities from lotto winners.

Game History and Changes

The domestic Lotto 6aus49 has revolutionized since its beginnings, as the lotto has matured and grown in Germany. The original lotto, was a betting-shop only purchase for West Germans (excluding 55% of the population in East Germany). The reunification of Germany in 1989-91 saw the roll-out of the country's biggest lotto to millions of new 'would-be' players. Legal and tax changes in 1995 further increased the popularity of the game - from 1995 high street retailers could sell tickets and the jackpot was entirely tax-free. The lottery operator invested in marketing and a bigger jackpot fund. The new millennium saw the birth of a guaranteed minimum jackpot of €1 million on Wednesday night’s draw and €2 million on the Saturday night draw. The "Super Number" was re-branded from the aged "Big Number" in 2001.

Notable winners and big jackpots

The biggest jackpot, €43 million was won by three ticket holders: each one netted €14,3 million euros. An unnamed lucky winner was reported by the German tabloids as having purchased a multimillion euro apartment in Berlin and the super glamorous Mercedes-Benz SLS, a million euro supercar. One winner, who netted €28 million euros, purchased a Bavarian mansion once visited by Mozart - with a vineyard, a fairytale gothic tower and a helipad for €3 million euros.

The three biggest lotto jackpots ever won on the Lotto 6aus49 include:

• €37.7 million - The single biggest one-ticket jackpot win (October 2006)

• €43,3 million - The biggest ever jackpot win in Germany (December 2007)

• €17,7 million - The biggest syndicate win in Germany history (March 2009)

The Lotto 6aus49 has made over 154 people millionaires in Germany since the millennium and is considered Germany's premier domestic national lottery draw. So why not give the lotto a try today?

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