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Mega Millions

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How to play the Mega Millions?

The Mega Millions lottery is a wildly successful American multi-jurisdictional lottery. It has created literally hundreds of millionaires throughout America. This lottery has paid out the biggest US jackpot ever - a staggering $656 million in 2012.

It's incredibly simple to play the game. All you need to do is pick six numbers from two separate pools of numbers. First choose five different numbers  (1 to 75) and then one number (1 to 15) - called the Mega Ball number. To win the jackpot match all six winning numbers.

The Mega Millions draws are held every Tuesday and Friday at 11:00 pm Eastern Time.

Here is a breakdown of Mega Millions prize categories and odds:

5 + 1 Jackpot 1 : 258,890,850
5 + 0 $ 1,000,000 1 : 18,492,204
4 + 1 $ 5,000 1 : 739,688
4 + 0 $ 500 1 : 52,835
3 + 1 $ 50 1 : 10,720
3 + 0 $ 5 1 : 766
2 + 1 $ 5 1 : 473
1 + 1 $ 2 1 : 56
0 + 1 $ 1 1 : 21

The Mega Millions lottery has a one in 14.7 chance of winning a cash price since its most recent changes in October 2013.


A little bit of background...

The Mega Millions, formerly called The Big Game, now offers a minimum jackpot of $15 million dollars, and grows by a minimum of $5 million dollars after every rollover.

The game was launched in May 2002 and in about eleven years it has created hundreds of millionaires.

Mega Millions is currently played in 45 jurisdictions: 43 states plus Washington, D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The success of the Mega Millions has been huge, and this can be seen by the queues for tickets on Tuesday and Friday nights around many US cities.


Game Changes & History

After the “Big Game” paid a record $363 million jackpot in 2000, the interest in multi-states game grew, and in May 2002, New York and Ohio joined Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey and Virginia to create Mega Millions! In the following years other states joined the game.

Of course Mega Millions has been experiencing changes since its beginning. The last time the Mega Millions game changed significantly in terms of its structure was in June 2005.

From Tuesday 22nd October 2013, the Mega Millions lottery is experiencing more changes. Mega Millions draws now include bigger jackpots and better odds of winning. The changes came about after the Mega Millions consortium wanted to increase the prize fund and the jackpots in order to increase participation. Another notable change is the $1 million second prize for matching five numbers. This, according to Mega Millions, will help generate more US millionaires than ever before.


Unclaimed Prizes

The Mega Millions has a bad habit of unclaimed jackpot prizes. According to the New York Times, the lotteries operating the syndicate managing the Mega Millions have nearly $1 billion in unclaimed prizes. Some of the biggest unclaimed prizes include an unlucky ticket holder with a $99 million ticket in Farmville, Virginia. New York City has the unenvied position as America's unclaimed jackpot centre - the cumulative total of unclaimed jackpots exceed $200 million, far more than any other US state or area.


Notable Jackpot Winners

There have been several notable winners who have gone on to lead "normal" super wealthy lives. Take, Carolyn and Jim McCullar who won $190 million in 2011. They spent their money on trust funds for children and grandchildren and purchased a regular home whilst donating to charity. They invested a large chunk of their winnings - the interest generated means they have increased their wealth. Other great tales of jackpot winners include Mike Nagamaki who won a $28 million jackpot in 2009. He and his wife were nearly homeless and unemployed and were $100 into overdraft when they bought their winning ticket. Nearly five years later Mike and his family are happy millionaires - Mike now owns and rents out property in Missouri. He is one of hundreds of happy ending stories. If you want to become a Mega Millions millionaire why not try out and play the Mega Millions lottery game to help you win big and live that American dream?

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