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Millions won on Mega Millions lottery

Despite not producing any lottery jackpot winners in its last 4 draws of 2012, the Mega Millions lottery game did make several lotto players across America just that little bit richer.  16 players won a quarter of a million dollars each, which should ease them nicely into the New Year.

The last Mega Millions’ draw of the year took place on Friday 28th December with the lottery results: 10, 13, 32, 40, 41 and Mega Ball 32.  This was the 4th rollover since the lottery jackpot was won in Friday 14th December’s draw, where one winner from lucky California won $35m.

Friday 28th December’s draw produced 5 lottery winners in New York, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland and Arizona who bagged $250,000 each in 2nd tier lotto prizes.

For the New York lottery winner, a convenience shop called The Depot in Jamesville was the lucky retail outlet that sold the winning ticket.  As yet the winner’s identity is unknown.

The penultimate Mega Millions draw on Christmas Day again failed to bring in a lottery jackpot winner, with just one player from California securing a $250,000 lottery prize by matching 5 numbers.  These were: 2, 3, 18, 34 and 48, and Mega Ball 36, which he did not match.

Friday 21st December and Tuesday 18th December saw only 2nd tier Mega Millions lotto winners too.  One New Yorker received $250,000 in Friday’s draw, and 9 players received $250,000 each in Tuesday’s draw.  2 were from Michigan, 2 from California and the rest from Maryland, New York, Arizona, Wisconsin and New Jersey.

Get ready for more exciting wins on Mega Millions in 2013, with draws taking place every Tuesday and Friday.  You can play online at Lottery24.com and maybe we’ll be writing about your lottery good fortune in the New Year!

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