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Lottery24 - New Jersey family wins 20 million dollars lottery jackpot
New Jersey family pool together to win Pick-6 lottery jackpot

Emma G.: Friday, 25 Jul 2014
Winner Stories

17 members of the same family have become the latest winners of a Pick-6 lottery jackpot, winning a total prize worth $20.1 million. The Endreson family of 17 brothers and sisters started playing the lottery decades ago, when their mother began a family lottery pool and dreamed of buying bungalows at the Jersey Shore, where most of the family lives. After their mother passed away, all of the siblings chipped in for funeral expenses, but soon realised they ... [ » read more ]

Lottery24 - Tim Dudgeon from Arlington in Virginia won $1m on the Powerball lottery Basketball fan wins $1 million on the Powerball lottery

Emma G.: Friday, 25 Jul 2014
Power Ball Winner Stories

A Virginia man has won a huge prize on the Powerball lottery after play... [ » read more ]

Lottery24 - A Syndicate of 15 Tesco coworkers in Devon won the UK Lotto jackpot UK Lotto syndicate winners explain their good luck theories

Emma G.: Thursday, 24 Jul 2014
UK-Lotto Winner Stories

A lottery syndicate from Devon, UK have won £3.7 million on the lottery, and have told lottery officials that they believe good luck omens brought them the prize. The syndicate of 15 Tesco workers won th... [ » read more ]

South Carolina Powerball winners vow not to change

Emma G.: Wednesday, 23 Jul 2014, Power Ball General News

A couple from Taylors in South Carolina who won $1 million on the Powerball lottery have vowed that their lives won’t change after they collected their prize money anonymously from the South Carolina lotte... [ » read more ]

Canadian lottery winners keep scoop secret for months

Emma G.: Tuesday, 22 Jul 2014, Winner Stories

A pair of lottery winners from Edmonton, Canada, has revealed that they... [ » read more ]

EuroMillions winner plans to revamp Herdman’s Mill

Steve A.: Monday, 21 Jul 2014, Euro Millions ® Winner Stories

It’s usually the Lottery companies who help revamp buildings such as Herdman’s Mill, but this time it’s EuroMillions winner Margaret Loughrey. Margaret Loughrey from Strabane won £26.863m in the EuroMill... [ » read more ]

Lotteries won worldwide this weekend

Emma G.: Sunday, 20 Jul 2014, UK-Lotto General News

As lotteries drew their weekend numbers, there were many happy players over this weekend as major jackpots were won both in the UK and in the USA. Beginning with the UK Lotto, one ticket matched all six main numbers and became the fourth jac... [ » read more ]

Europe competes for lottery jackpot after Belgian EuroMillions win

Emma G.: Saturday, 19 Jul 2014, Euro Millions ® General News

Tuesday evening’s EuroMillions draw saw one single jackpot winner from Belgium take home the entire lottery bounty, leaving Friday evening’s draw with a brand new jackpot for those that could match t... [ » read more ]

Powerball lottery searching for winners

Emma G.: Saturday, 19 Jul 2014, Power Ball General News

The Powerball lottery in the USA is searching for several consolation prize winners across the country, as thousands of dollars are waiting to be paid out for tickets that will soon expire. Two different Powerball tickets b... [ » read more ]

UK’s second biggest lottery winner trades wife for stable girl

Emma G.: Friday, 18 Jul 2014, Euro Millions ® Winner Stories

Adrian Bayford, one half of the UK’s second biggest lottery winners, bought a Grade II country mansion for his wife after winning £148 million on the EuroMillions, but is now moving in his new fiancée ... [ » read more ]

Estranged brothers ordered to share lottery winnings

Emma G.: Thursday, 17 Jul 2014, Winner Stories

A pair of brothers from Pennsylvania who jointly won $1 million on the lottery and have been arguing over the rightful owner ever since have been ordered by a jury to split the winnings equally. Ian Sharp, 52 and... [ » read more ]

Lottery winning volunteers make for the wealthiest team of labourers

Emma G.: Thursday, 17 Jul 2014, UK-Lotto General News

A team of 15 volunteers who are helping out to restore part of Welsh heritage were all lottery winning millionaires, and cumulatively worth over £60 million. The team of millionaires put something back into the com... [ » read more ]

Harlem youngster is ‘Set for Life’ after winning a $5 million lottery prize

Emma G.: Wednesday, 16 Jul 2014, Winner Stories

A 21 year old from Harlem, New York State, has won a $5 million lottery prize after playing a ‘Set for Life’ scratch card just a couple of days before his 22nd birthday. Fili Rodrig... [ » read more ]

North West midwife delivers the prize of the year

Emma G.: Wednesday, 16 Jul 2014, Euro Millions ® Winner Stories

A midwife from Wigan has delivered a bounty unlike any other this month, as she bagged herself a huge £1 million EuroMillions prize. Ruth Breen, 35, won her incredible prize with a EuroM... [ » read more ]

Judge orders EuroMillions lottery winning pair to split money equally

Emma G.: Tuesday, 15 Jul 2014, Euro Millions ® Winner Stories

The owner of a restaurant in York and one of his waiters have been orde... [ » read more ]

Canada’s latest lottery winners celebrate in Labrador West

Emma G.: Monday, 14 Jul 2014, Winner Stories

Canada’s Lotto Max game has found its latest millionaires, in the... [ » read more ]

UK Lotto proves the luckiest of them all this weekend!

Emma G.: Sunday, 13 Jul 2014, UK-Lotto General News

As lotteries were drawn around the world this weekend, there was only one that proved able to really make somebody’s weekend special, and that was the UK Lotto. Weekend ... [ » read more ]

Mega Millions jackpot prize still unclaimed a month later

Emma G.: Saturday, 12 Jul 2014, Mega Millions General News

The winner of a $66 million Mega Millions jackpot prize has still not come forward to claim their millions, despite the draw taking place almost a month ago. The winner, who scored the $66 million prize on Friday, ... [ » read more ]

Norwegian man wins lottery with just seconds to spare

Emma G.: Friday, 11 Jul 2014, Winner Stories

A man from Norway has come up trumps in his local lottery game, as he won millions despite buying his ticket just seconds before the draw broke. Ronny Anderson, 23, from Troms&os... [ » read more ]

Florida Lottery sets a new sales record

Emma G.: Thursday, 10 Jul 2014, General News

The Florida lottery has revealed sales figures for the fiscal year ending June 30th 2014, and those figures have broken all previous records set by the state lotter... [ » read more ]