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Proof that playing the lottery online really can win you millions

Marta M.: Thursday, 24 Apr 2014
Euro Millions ® Lottery Results

One of the latest EuroMillions £1 million winners has claimed his prize, after never even touching a lottery ticket. The player, known only as “Mr. M”, played the EuroMillions lottery online, and managed to bag the guaranteed million pound prize in the draw on Friday, March 21st. The man’s electronically generated ticket matched the Millionaire Raffle numbers to scoop its owner the only raffle prize of the evening. Mr M is one of more than six million players who win prizes from the National Lottery by playing electronically, and he will not have had a... [ » read more ]

Marty-Whelan Irish Lotto millionaire declares her number one aim!

Marta M.: Thursday, 24 Apr 2014
General News

Ireland’s latest Lotto millionaire has told lottery officials that she has created a bucket list of things to achieve ever since finding ou... [ » read more ]

NZ-3-times-win New Zealand lottery retailer strikes lucky three times in one draw

Marta M.: Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014
General News

A store in New Zealand has made its customers very happy after it sold three winning lotto tickets in the same day, each worth $10,000. The odds of selling one w... [ » read more ]

Mega Millions winner wants no fuss after lottery win

Marta M.: Tuesday, 22 Apr 2014, Mega Millions Winner Stories

The latest Mega Millions player to claim the jackpot prize has insisted it is no big deal, despite walking away with a massive $30 million. Leopoldo Ch... [ » read more ]

Powerball jackpot hits the big time, but where are all the players?

Marta M.: Monday, 21 Apr 2014, Power Ball Jackpot News

While the Powerball jackpot currently stands at an impressive $150 million, there are many fewer players taking part in the game than would be expecte... [ » read more ]

Lottery winners make political donation

Marta M.: Sunday, 20 Apr 2014, Euro Millions ® Winner Stories

The UK’s wealthiest ever lottery winners have made a surprising donation, to the Scottish Independence Campaign. The millionaires have become the bigge... [ » read more ]

EuroMillions jackpot rises once again, while Staffordshire syndicate celebrates

Marta M.: Saturday, 19 Apr 2014, Euro Millions ® Winner Stories

The EuroMillions lottery was drawn last night and was unable to find a winner amongst the millions of players across the country. Instead, the jackpot ... [ » read more ]

UK Lotto winners shocked after winning the jackpot

Marta M.: Friday, 18 Apr 2014, UK-Lotto Winner Stories

A UK couple scooped over £4 million on the Lotto earlier this month, and have admitted that being presented with the cheque still has not reall... [ » read more ]

Lottery luck strikes in Western Australia

Marta M.: Friday, 18 Apr 2014, Lottery Results

A couple from Australia’s largest territory has claimed their lottery windfall after matching a full line of numbers on the Oz Lotto. The winning cou... [ » read more ]

Lottery players warned to be wary of scams

Marta M.: Thursday, 17 Apr 2014, General News

Lottery players around the world are warned against falling for lottery scams after a Scottish man received a scam letter saying he had won £... [ » read more ]

National Lottery officials are on the hunt for a Northern Irish winner

Marta M.: Thursday, 17 Apr 2014, Thunderball Lottery Results

A £500,000 Thunderball lottery winner from County Tyrone has been urged to come forward after the ticket has gone unclaimed for almost two weeks now. ... [ » read more ]

Powerball winner claims prize as he says the odds were in his favour

Marta M.: Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014, Power Ball Winner Stories

A $1 million Powerball lottery winner has claimed his prize in Louisiana, telling lottery officials that he figured somebody would have to win, so why no... [ » read more ]

Irish lottery retailer is rewarded after selling €15 million winning ticket!

Marta M.: Tuesday, 15 Apr 2014, Euro Millions ® Lottery Results

After the €15 million EuroMillions jackpot was claimed in County Mayo last week, lottery officials have congratulated the owners of the st... [ » read more ]

Rookie lottery player wins big on fourth ever scratch card play

Marta M.: Tuesday, 15 Apr 2014, Winner Stories

A lottery player has won £300,000 on a scratch card and admits it is only the fourth time he has ever tried instant win games. Shaun Mulligan,... [ » read more ]

Lottery prize goes unclaimed because winner threw tickets in the trash

Marta M.: Monday, 14 Apr 2014, General News

A lottery winner from Pennsylvania has missed out on claiming a lottery prize worth $1.25 million after throwing the tickets away, and the prize expired... [ » read more ]

Two winners split the jackpot after two UK Lotto rollovers

Marta M.: Sunday, 13 Apr 2014, UK-Lotto Lottery Results

Two ticket holders found themselves wealthy winners after Saturday night’s UK Lotto draw, as they split the jackpot worth over £... [ » read more ]

EuroMillions special Raffle Draw creates 10 new millionaires in the UK

Marta M.: Saturday, 12 Apr 2014, Euro Millions ® Winner Stories

The EuroMillions lottery was drawn last night and resulted in a triple rollover, bringing the jackpot for Tuesday evening’s draw up to a whopping &... [ » read more ]

Mega Millions jackpot winner details are finally revealed

Marta M.: Saturday, 12 Apr 2014, Mega Millions Lottery Results

Despite the Mega Millions jackpot being won several times in quick succession recently, we haven’t had a lot of information about the win... [ » read more ]

Finnish lottery syndicate breaks the EuroJackpot record

Marta M.: Friday, 11 Apr 2014, Lottery Results

A lottery syndicate from Finland last weekend won the largest ever EuroJackpot prize as they shared a sum worth over €57 million between them. ... [ » read more ]

Unclaimed jackpot prize in South Africa

Asim F.: Friday, 11 Apr 2014, General News

A Powerball jackpot of R30 Million from April last year has gone unclaimed with the money now put towards future jackpots, follo... [ » read more ]