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Powerball winning ticket goes unclaimed in the Bronx


Why would anybody ever pass up the chance to turn their life around with an unexpected $1 million lottery fortune? It’s a good question, and I’m sure that none of us can think of a good reason to give-up a life changing prize like the one that has just gone unclaimed in the Bronx.

Dating back to the draw on 2nd February 2013, the Powerball ticket matched five out of the six winning numbers to win the second tier prize in the multi-state US lottery, and the successful retailer, C & C Discount, a discount beauty store, proudly displayed a sign in the window advertising that one of their own customers had been lucky enough to purchase a winning ticket from their store.

Unfortunately, however, whoever the lucky winner of this lottery fortune was, their ticket expired on Sunday, 2nd February 2014, without anybody coming forward to claim their prize. The staff at the C & C Beauty store in the Bronx have thought long and hard about who the lottery winner could be, and told the local media that they believe the winner must have either died, gone to prison or lost their lottery winning ticket.

This unclaimed lottery prize is not the only Powerball ticket which was bought in 2013 and is yet to be claimed. There are another four tickets, each also worth $1 million, which have not yet expired, in the state of New York alone. These tickets were purchased in Brooklyn, Suffolk County and Rockland County, and the lottery winners have one calendar year from the date of their lottery draw to claim the Powerball prize.

So while the Bronx lottery prize money will be returned to the prize pool, there is still time for holders of other tickets to claim their prizes, so make sure you check your tickets, and soon!

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News, 07 Feb 2014
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