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Two lottery players win a million dollar Mega Millions prize, but the jackpot is still climbing


Two separate ticket holders across the United States have won the coveted million dollar second tier prize after the Mega Millions draw on Tuesday, February 25th 2014; however the jackpot fund is still growing and has now reached over $200 million.

The Arizona Lottery announced on Wednesday that one of the winning $1 million tickets was sold locally, giving the state its third second tier prize win since the Mega Millions lottery was redesigned back in October of 2013. This winner has not yet come forward to claim their prize but there is much speculation about who they are and what they will do with the money when they claim it.

Whoever the lucky lottery player is, they purchased their Mega Millions ticket at a local retailer on 16th Street in Yuma in the lead up to the draw on Tuesday evening, and successfully matched all of the five main numbers 12, 18, 25, 35 and 66 but missed out on the Mega Ball of 15 which would have won them the grand prize. This entitled the lottery ticket holder to a massive pay-out of $1 million and the retailer which sold the winning ticket will automatically receive their prize of $1,000 to congratulate them on being a lottery winning retailer.

Director of the Arizona Lottery, Karen Bach, said that officials are delighted that the state has found another winner, particularly since the last $1 million winner came only a week previously, when a ticket holder in Chandler found themselves an overnight millionaire after the Mega Millions was drawn. Ms Bach stated that the number of Arizona lottery millionaires is continuing to grow, making 2014 an exciting time for the Arizona Lottery. “We are looking forward to presenting the cheque to our new winner,” Ms Bach finished.

Lottery officials are now calling on all players of the Mega Millions lottery to check their tickets and ask their friends and relatives to check their respective lottery tickets so that the latest prize can be claimed. Winners have 180 days from the drawing date in order to claim their prize either at an Arizona Lottery office or by mail.

Since the Mega Millions lottery was revamped last year there have been many more happy stories from winners regarding their new found fortunes, and it appears that the multi-state lottery has succeeded in making itself an even more desirable lottery game. The overall aim of the redesign was to create higher jackpots and better odds, but the most successful change has been the introduction of a $1 million second prize, which has been won over and over by American lottery players in the following months.

The Mega Millions lottery is now worth an estimated $216 million for the draw on Friday, February 28th, so make sure you get your tickets now! You may purchase your Mega Millions lottery tickets online at Lottery24.com.

News, 27 Feb 2014
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