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The Lotto 6 aus 49 is the biggest lottery played in Germany, taking place twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday. Jackpots start at €1 million for the Wednesday night draw and increase to €2 million for the Saturday night draw.


Most Notable Winners and Jackpots

The biggest jackpot in the history of the 6 aus 49 is €43.3 million, which was split between three winning tickets in December 2007. The biggest single ticket jackpot win was seen on October 7th 2006, when one lucky winner netted a huge €37.7 million. It was reported by German tabloids that one fortunate winner splashed out on a multimillion Euro apartment in Berlin as well as a glamorous Mercedes-Benz. In March 2009, the biggest syndicate win of €17.7 million was recorded. If this sounds like a dream scenario to you, then why not give the German lottery a try for yourself? As well as these success stories, there has also been the odd bizarre tale. A prime example of this is 63-year-old Angela Maier, from Essen in Germany. The ‘Big News Network’ reported that she received a steep bill from the home that cared for her husband prior to his death, soon after receiving her winnings. It was said that this lead her to tearing up her winnings after also having consumed five bottles of champagne.

Lotto 6 aus 49 Game History and Changes

The 6 aus 49 has been available to play since 1974 and is managed by the Deutscher Lotto und Totoblock (DLTB) which represents 16 different lotteries in a partnership that is called Lotteriegesellschaften. The reunification of Germany in 1989-91 resulted in the roll out of the country’s biggest lotto to target the millions of potential new players. The game saw a further surge in popularity in 1995 following legal and tax changes allowing high street retailers to sell tickets with the jackpot being completely tax free. As popularity grew, funds grew which in turn allowed more to be invested in prize money.

Further Information

In Germany, winnings are paid out in tax free lump sums, but players playing from outside Germany are advised to check with their local authority. This lottery also has a charitable past and since 2007, nearly €30 million is said to have been donated by winners to German charities.


In order to play, players must select six numbers (from 1 - 49), as well as one “Super Number” (from 1 – 9). The jackpot is won if all six numbers drawn, as well as the Super Number, match the winning numbers.If the jackpot is not won, it rolls over to the next draw, allowing for some large prize values to accumulate.The odds of winning the jackpot are around 1 in 140 million, but there are also other prizes to be won. Please find below a breakdown of the different prize categories available:
Rank 1   6 + 11 in 139,838,160
Rank 26 + 01 in 15,537,573
Rank 35 + 11 in 542,008
Rank 45 + 01 in 60,223
Rank 54 + 11 in 10,234
Rank 64 + 01 in 1,147
Rank 73 + 11 in 567
Rank 83 + 01 in 63
Rank 92 + 11 in 76