Recent Changes

Why have UK Lotto ticket prices increased to £4.00?

Since October UK Lotto includes an automatically generated Raffle ticket number. 50 entries per draw are selected to win £20,000 guaranteed. The new raffle is not optional.

Why did you change your website?

Our website has been outdated for a while and it was difficult to maintain the old technology and website. The website was also too old to update gradually as the difference in technology was too fundamental.

Why have the EuroMillions ticket prices increased from £3.50 to £4.00? 

The EuroMillions ticket price adjustment was made to accommodate the Millionaire Raffle, a bonus game, in which EuroMillions entries are automatically entered to win £1 Million - guaranteed.

What is the Millionaire Raffle? 

EuroMillions entries automatically qualify ticket holders for the Millionaire Raffle, an accompanying bonus game with a separate letter/number combination, in which one lucky UK EuroMillions player will win £1 Million – guaranteed, every Tuesday and Friday.

The Formalities 

Must I be a UK, US, European resident / citizen to play?

No, you don't physically need to be in the UK, US or Europe to play. We have had recent winners from South Africa, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands and Poland to name a few who claimed and got their prizes from playing international lotteries.

Is it legal to sell tickets for the UK National Lottery, Thunderball and EuroMillions online?

The UK's Lotteries Act (1993) states that a lottery ticket may only be purchased in the UK. does comply with this provision. We contractually agree with you (via our terms and conditions) that we will pay 95% of the winnings on any ticket, 5% of the winnings being retained. We agree to split the winnings with you, no resale or transfer of the ticket (purchased in the UK) to the Player takes place, as this would be in contravention of the legislation.

Why do you own 5% of each ticket?

We are required by law to own a percentage of each ticket we buy. When we pay out winning tickets, we keep 5% as a service charge as this makes us partners instead of re-sellers of lottery tickets which is not a problem with legislation.

How old must I be to play and win in international lotteries at

You must be 18 years old, or over.

How long before the draws do ticket sales close?

On the page where you select your numbers, you can see how much longer we can accept lottery tickets for any lottery. Due to all the different time zones, lottery draws are taking place; it makes no sense to set all lotteries to one specific time.

Why does my scanned ticket show a lower cost than what I paid at

The amount you forward onto us is a flat fee that includes service charges for maintaining the website, organizing the shops in each country to acquire lottery tickets and so on.

What is your policy on refunds and cancellations?

Once you have purchased your tickets we order lottery tickets immediately. Therefore we are not able to offer any refunds on purchased tickets. Please double check your numbers before completing your purchase to avoid any mishaps.

Playing online

Can I play without a credit card?

At the moment, Visa, Mastercard and Maestro re the only instant pay options. Alternatively you can make a bank transfer.

Who is

We're an online lottery ticket purchasing service for some of the largest jackpot lotteries around the globe. By establishing a lottery syndicate we're able to purchase tickets on your behalf so anyone can play from anywhere in the world. If you'd like to read more about, please visit the About Us page.

What are the odds of winning?

The odds depending on which lottery you're playing. For example, the odds of winning a EuroMillions prize are 1:24. In most cases the odds of lotteries can be found on each lottery game play page.

Where can I view details of tickets I've purchased?

All details of your tickets are saved in your personal account. Go to “My Account” – “Played Numbers”.  Here you can find a detailed list of all the tickets you have purchased and the numbers you played, both for the current and for the past draws.

When you win

How will I get paid when I win?

Winners will immediately be notified by email, and your winnings will be deposited directly into your account. You will then be able to transfer those funds into any bank account of your choice.

In which currency will I be paid?

When you register your account, you will have to choose which currency you want to play in. At the moment, offers play in GB Pounds, Euros, or US Dollars. Once you've chosen, all transactions thereafter will take place in your chosen currency.

How long will I have to wait for my winnings?

Small prizes are credited to your account as soon as they have been validated. Prizes above €1,000 are usually paid within 2 weeks but can take up to 3 months depending on the lottery. Most lotteries pay even jackpots within 4 weeks, Italian prize payments seem to be the slowest, but we cannot guarantee how soon prizes payments become available.

Will you notify me when I win?

We'll notify you of your prize via email, or for security by telephone for wins over £50,000. It is important to keep your profile information up to date, to make sure we can reach you in case of winnings.

Are my winnings taxable?

There are not many lotteries that do not tax your winnings and this really depends on the tax regulations of the country you play and reside in. In the case of the UK Lottery, winnings are not taxed, and you will receive the cash in one lump sum without any deductions. Depending on your country's tax regulations, you may be required to declare the windfall though. The US deducts the majority of taxes before paying the prizes. However the onus will be on you to discuss this with your relevant tax authorities.  

Technical Problems

I have forgotten my password

If you forgot your password, please click on “Login and Register” at the top of page and choose “Password Forgotten”. Enter your email address, and we will send you a new password. You can then change the password anytime by clicking on “My Account” – “Profile Settings”.

My credit card is rejected

We are sorry for any inconvenience however there are some issues with credit cards issued by some banks. Should you continue to have problems, please contact customer service to discuss an alternative method of payment.

I cannot log in

Please ensure that your browser is enabled to accept cookies. For Internet Explorer users: Tools> Options> Privacy Settings. For Firefox Users: Tools> Options> Privacy Options. If you're having any further trouble please mail our support team who will be happy to assist you.

Safety, Privacy and Security

Are there any countries that may not play at

No. We do not exclude anybody, but please note that there are anti-fraud systems in place that will flag your account should you be in a high-risk country known for Credit card fraud. All it means is that we will not process your payment and will manually need to verify that you are who you say you are, and that you're using your own credit card.

I've received an email from some company or organization stating that I've won, and need to pay a fee to collect my winnings. Is this a genuine?

Most likely you have received a spam email. The first question to ask yourself is if you have even bought a ticket for that lottery! Unfortunately it is extremely unlikely that you have won millions without a ticket. Secondly if you are asked to make an upfront payment to receive your funds, it will definitely be a scam. Every now and again we receive an email from somebody who fell for these scams. Unfortunately, once you have sent money to them, it will already be too late!

When visiting, the site URL should always read If you are concerned about something not looking or feeling quite right, play it safe. Open a new browser window and visit by manually typing in Of course you can contact customer support with any concerns you may have.

Why do I need to have cookies enabled? What are you using them for?

Due to the fact that you need to log in for account details, and to enter the secure environment it is necessary for us to store a cookie on your computer.

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