Which Lottery Games does Lottery24.com scan?

We are currently scanning EuroMillions and UK Lotto only. We might consider adding other lotteries in the future, but scanning does increase the workload for our agents as well as the costs dramatically.

I have not received some of my tickets...

We try hard to provide all scanned copies; unfortunately we cannot always guarantee receipt. Due to human error or technical reasons some tickets go unmatched during the scanning process. Nevertheless, we do check all tickets manually, including the Millionaire Raffle and the Lotto Raffle, and would contact you in case of any prizes! Please do let us know when you did not receive your tickets, so we can try and minimize the rate of delivery failure and where possible, we will try to provide the ticket after receiving your message.

Why do you not scan all lottery tickets?

Scanning tickets takes a long time! We can only scan 40 tickets at a time, and considering that on big lottery jackpots we may need to scan up to 40,000 tickets, we could never catch up during large rollovers, not to mention the logistical difficulties.

After purchasing lottery tickets we need to scan them, match them and upload them to our servers. Unfortunately we are not able to match tickets automatically and therefore we would not be able to provide a satisfactory service. The technology to scan is not cheap either and we would need additional staff, dedicated to just scanning! 

Although we will try our best to provide scanned tickets, unfortunately we can not guarantee that all coupons become available. Ticket scanning is a free service and is not part of the purchase. We can not issue a refund for tickets that could not be scanned as we still had to purchase your ticket, sorry for any inconvenience.

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