These videos give you an insight into how a full length live El Niño lottery draw is conducted.

As like any live lottery show, The El Niño live draw is done in a similar way. A presenter will introduce the live show as audiences at home and in the lottery studio await the results.

Coverage is shown on the lead up to the draw and gives the audience a look at how people have bought their El Niño tickets in preparation for the final lottery results.


2013 –El Niño lottery draw: 



As shown before in the 2014 video draw, the way in which the draw is conducted is exactly the same in both the 2013 and 2012 draws.

Children from around Spain present the audience with lottery balls taken from a golden container.

Each individual number is read out by a child, whilst another child will show the number to the audience visually on a giant card.


2012 – El Niño live draw:



Once the entire El Niño ticket number has been draw and read out by the children, they all come together in a line to reveal the full winning ticket number. 


The live El Niño draw will takes place on the 6th January in Madrid, Spain.
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