(This pdf takes a look at the El Nino 2013 lottery results)

This results table shows the 2013 Spanish El Nino lottery results. Laid out the same as the 2014 El Nino results table, it highlights some of the top prizes along with the ticket numbers that were lucky enough to win.

The layout of the table is easy to read, ticket numbers are shown on the left hand side of the table, whilst the prize amount is shown directly next to it over on the right.


For example: Any one who had bought the ticket number 30876 would have won €13.600 or a share of that prize depending on weather or not they had bought a whole ticket (Billete) or a 10th of that ticket (Decimo).

Traditionally these results tables are often used as a way to help people decide when choosing the following year’s tickets.


Just as the Spanish El Gordo lottery, people like to see which ticket numbers have had the most luck winning to help them when picking their ticket numbers for the next draw. People will also sometimes use this the other way around, looking for ticket numbers that haven’t won a large prize over the past few years with the expectation of an increased chance that these numbers might win a prize in the near future.


As there are many theories and speculations each year as to which ticket numbers will be picked to win next time, each ticket is selected at random during the live draw.

Although this table doesn’t give you all of the cash prizes, it shows most frequent and biggest prizes won by those who played. 

Find out more about the odds of winning a El Nino lottery prize.


For example: The odds of wining any prize is 1:2.6 while the chance on winning €400 prize stands at 1:20. The odds of winning €200 is 1:3.

More information on what happens when you win and Lottery24.com prize collections can be found in the Lottery24.com FAQ section.

Don’t forget to buy your El Nino lottery tickets as soon as possible for this year’s draw held on the 6th of January.

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