(On this pdf you can find all prizes for the 2014 El Nino Lottery, including all small prizes.)


The El Niño results table has a close resemblance to the El Gordo de Navidad (Spanish Christmas Lottery). As there are so many tickets available to play with for the El Niño lottery, ticket numbers are usually separated into numerical order or some sort of organised structure, making it easier for lottery players to find and check their numbers.


This results table has organised the El Niño ticket numbers into sections depending on the first 3 digits of the number. 


For example: The first section on the table is dedicated to numbers that’s start with the digits 803.The second section is for tickets that start with the number 603 and the third section is for those numbers that start with 703. 


The El Niño results table shows each individual ticket number that has won a prize.


For example: The very first ticket number shown on the table is 08300. Next to it shows the amount won for that ticket number: €1.000 (in this case the table shows the amount as 1.000).


El Niño tickets are usually divided into 10 shares; these are known as “decimos”. Players can choose whether or not they would like to purchase a tenth of a ticket or a Billete (whole ticket).
Anybody who has purchased a whole ticket, is entitled to 100% of the prize amount available for that ticket. Any body who has purchased just a tenth of that ticket, will only be entitled to 10% of the full prize amount unless you hold multiple tenths of the same ticket number.

The prize amounts shown on this particular table shows the winnings from a whole ticket (or Billete).  


The El Niño lottery draw is held on the 6th of January live from Madrid, Spain. The Spanish Christmas lottery (El Gordo de Navidad) will be held prior to the El Niño lottery on the 22nd December. You can get your tickets here at Lottery24.com.

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