On the January 6th the El Niño lottery will give us the chance to make up for what we may not have won in the Spanish Christmas lottery draw on December 22nd.

The El Niño lottery offers prizes of lower value but the possibilities of winning them, according to a study, are 37% higher than in the Spanish Christmas lottery draw. This means that 4 out of 10 players will get a prize.

People who have been lucky in the Spanish Christmas lottery results may be less likely to also play the El Niño lottery as opposed to those who only got a refund prize and are likely to invest that money into buying El Niño lottery tickets.

According to a study made by a Spanish online lottery operator, 36% of players who received a small prize in the Spanish Christmas lottery use it to play the El Niño lottery on the 6th of January.  Also, 42.3% of their customers participate in both draws during the Christmas holidays. 


This year, everybody has in mind the number 62246: some look at it as an opportunity, other as an option to avoid. The manager of a well known lottery shop in Madrid, Doña Manolita shop, says that a popular strategy of the lottery buyers is to avoid buying the numbers similar to the number which won the first prize in the Spanish Christmas lottery.

Most lottery players believe that if a number has been drawn already, it is not as likely to be drawn again despite it being a different lottery.


Another interesting fact is that the number known as “the devil’s one” is the number that players like the least. “Usually the numbers whose last digit is 6 are the numbers which we sell less of, and people generally buy less of the numbers whose last digits are even” says the manager of the lottery shop.

But if the “Gordo” (the top prize on the Christmas Lottery) goes to a number whose last digits are 5, 7 or 9, then lottery players would not mind and will still buy the same numbers. The lottery shop manager explains that “People feel attracted by the odd numbers, especially number 5”.


From 0 to 20

Although people like to buy the number 5, the last digit that got the most prizes in the El Niño lottery draws was number 0, which won a prize 20 times, while 9 and 7 were drawn 13 times, according to a study made by the same online lottery operator. On the other hand, the number which was drawn the least was number 3, which was drawn six times, followed by 2 and 8 which were both drawn eight times.



Last 23rd December, only one day after the El Gordo de Navidad draw, the Spanish lottery operator reached a new daily record since sales were more than €100 million. Lottery officials felt that the build up to the El Niño lottery, along with the end of Christmas, "boosted sales."
The El Niño lottery draw will be held on January 6th but you can get your tickets with us now on Lottery24.

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