As said before in the El Niño 2014 top draw prizes, the El Niño lottery gives players a better chance of winning the jackpot as well as other prizes.

Below gives you an idea on the odds of winning one of the prizes and the Spanish El Niño lottery jackpot prize. The section below roughly breaks down the estimated odds for each individual prize.

Although there are several prize categories, we have summed up the amounts into one prize category. There are multiple conditions that would allow somebody to win a €1.000 prize, but we have summed them up as we are just looking at the odds of winning a €1.000 prize overall.


Prize Amount Odds of winning
€2.000.000    1:100.000
€1.000.000       1: 100.000
€14.000        1:8333
€12.600       1:50.000
€6.000         1:50.000
€1.000      1:35
€400          1:20
€200          1:3
Any Prize:    1:2.6


The estimated odds shown, only show the odds of winning a whole ticket ( Billete). As explained in the about El Niño section, el Nino lottery tickets can be bought in shares, known as “decimos”. Each decimo is worth 10 percent of a ticket, but the odds for winning  a decimo will still work out the same.

You can buy El Niño tickets at Lottery The live draws for the El Niño will be held in Madrid, Spain on the 6th Of January and Lottery24 will publish its results as soon as possible after the draw via an official pdf document while sorting through all the tickets and prize categories.

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