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What is the EuroMillions Jackpot Cap? – Everything you need to know

EuroMillions has become one of the most popular lotteries in Europe since its introduction in 2004. Changes made in February 2020 are likely to increase its popularity even further. The Jackpot Cap has been increased from €190m to €200m and can get as high as €250m.

Once the cap is reached, the top prize remains at the €200m mark. If four more rollovers take place, the fifth draw becomes a must-be-won draw. If no ticket in that draw can match the five main numbers and two Lucky Stars, then the jackpots rolls down. The next winning tier will be the one that scoops the massive jackpot.

That’s not the last of the good news. Once the €200m jackpot cap has been reached, the cap is now increased by a further €10m to €210m. This process continues until the jackpot cap reaches €250m. After that is won, the jackpot cap goes back to €200m.

A Jackpot Cap means more money for Tier Two

If the EuroMillions jackpot keeps rolling over and reaches the €200m mark, all the €15m funds that would normally be added to the jackpot total now roll down to the second tier. The jackpot total stays at €200m but the others will be increased.

The second tier sees players trying to match all the main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars. With the jackpot not being able to get any higher, the value of the second-tier will go up and up until the jackpot is finally won or rolls down as previously explained.

There are some massive amounts that are added to the second-tier. This starts at €5m being added in the first capped draw. When it comes to that fifth capped draw, €2.1m is added taking the amount available in the second-tier to €17.1m. A great prize to win for sure.

Time for a EuroMillions Must Be Won

If the jackpot reaches it cap, it cannot get any higher. A jackpot win in any of the next four draws will see the lucky ticket holder(s) will still win or share €200m. If after that fourth draw the jackpot still hasn’t been won, the next draw becomes a Must Be Won draw. This is similar to the UK Lotto Must Be Won draws.

However, under the new EuroMillions rules, if no player wins the jackpot, that means the full prize fund will roll down to lower prize tiers. This could result in a massive life-changing amount being won without being required to match the five main numbers and the two Lucky Stars.

The most recent Must Be Won EuroMillions draw took place on 4 October 2019. This was the first time in EuroMillions history that the game continued rolling for four draws after the jackpot cap was reached.

In the fifth draw, the jackpot was captured by one player in the UK. Thanks to a better exchange rate, that was worth £170m and they became the biggest ever UK winner. After collecting their massive win they have remained anonymous.

Making history with the EuroMillions jackpot cap

Previously, EuroMillions has reached its jackpot cap on seven different occasions. The first was in February 2004, when the first limit still had a maximum of 11 rollovers.

The limit was met one more time in November 2006, until the jackpot cap was changed to €185 million. In July 2011, that cap was reached and subsequently won by Colin (who sadly died in December 2019) and Chris Weir from Scotland. The following year saw a £148.6m jackpot eventually being won. 2014 saw the EuroMillions jackpot cap reached once more in 2014 before being won by a ticket holder in Portugal.

The last big winner in the UK, who decided not to remain anonymous, were Patrick and Frances Connolly. The couple from Moira in Northern Ireland, had the perfect start to 2019 when winning £114.96m in the January 1 EuroMillions draw. The couple then announced they’d create a list of 50 people who they would help with their winnings.

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