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The Euro Millions is a transnational lottery game which pools the stakes to create large jackpot and prize values. If there is no Jackpot winner from one draw then the main prize pool is rolled over to the next draw, which allows for some potentially high value Jackpots to accumulate.


The EuroMillions game itself is simple to play. The player needs to pick 5 balls from a selection of 1 to 50 and then two additional numbers called ‘Lucky Stars’ from a selection of 1 to 12. The jackpot is won if all five main balls and the two Lucky Star balls that are drawn match the winning numbers.
The Euro Millions lottery pools the stakes to create large jackpot and prize values. If there is no Jackpot winner from one draw then the main prize pool is rolled over to the next draw, which allows for some potentially high value Jackpots to accumulate.


There are 13 prize categories up for grabs in total, as expected with the odds of winning being better for smaller prizes than they are for the jackpot. The draws take place on Tuesdays and Fridays, with exclusive coverage online.
Please find below a breakdown of all the prize categories available and the odds of winning them:

Category 1      5 + 2 1 : 139,838,160
Category 2 5 + 1 1 : 6,991,908
Category 3 5 + 0 1 : 3,107,515
Category 4 4 + 2 1 : 621,503
Category 5 4 + 1 1 : 31,075
Category 6 3 + 2 1 : 14,125
Category 7 4 + 0 1 : 13,811
Category 8 2 + 2 1 : 985
Category 9 3 +1 1 : 706
Category 10 3 + 0 1 : 314
Category 11 1 + 2 1 : 188
Category 12 2 + 1 1 : 49
Category 13 2 + 0 1 : 22


Since launching in 2004, the Euro Millions has seen some great winner stories. One of the most notable wins and happiest stories came from Chris and Colin Weir from Glasgow who scooped £161 million in 2012, the highest lottery win in the UK. As well as using their money for other good causes, the generous couple donated £750,000 to football club Partick Thistle, who they are avid fans of, to establish a new Youth Academy. Behind them in regards to other big winners came a jackpot share between two unnamed ticket holders in Belgium and Ireland who shared £160 million. The third biggest jackpot winners were Adrian and Gillian Bayford, again from the UK who won £149 million. In 2011 we saw a notable overseas winner when unemployed Spaniard Delgado Rodriguez won £105 million.


The Euro Millions launched on the 7th February 2004 after an agreement between the French, Spanish, and UK lottery operators. The Jackpot was originally a tax free lump sum payment, however this had to change following legal changes in Spain, Portugal and Switzerland deeming all Jackpot winners in these countries liable to pay tax on all winnings. The game initially only had one draw a week, however a second draw was introduced on May 10th 2011 with the number of Lucky Star balls increasing from 9 – 11. In the beginning there was no limit on how many times the Jackpot could roll over, allowing for the exciting prospect of some rather high value prizes accumulating. However in January 2012, a cap on the Jackpot of €190 million was put in place.
If the Jackpot reaches this value and is not won after two draws, the prize money is then moved down to the next tier and distributed amongst those winners, making for some very fruitful secondary prizes.


Frequently people ask us who or which countries play the EuroMillions lottery. The game is currently played in Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France (including overseas regions and collectives), Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom (including the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey).


As of 2014, the UK has the highest number of anonymous winners of any participating nation with a total of 11 in all. A French syndicate provided the biggest syndicate win of €100 million which saw all 15 players walk away as multi-millionaires.