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EuroMillions Superdraw


EuroMillions Superdraw

The EuroMillions Superdraw is one of the most exciting lottery drawings in Europe. It only takes place a few times a year, making it even more exciting.

The EuroMillions Superdraw is always guaranteed to have a huge jackpot and can roll over until it reaches the jackpot cap of €190m.

When is the next Superdraw?

Date of the next EuroMillions Superdraw:
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How often is the EuroMillions Superdraw?

There is no fixed date for the EuroMillions Superdraw but they generally happen two to three times per year. Keep your eyes on Lottery24 to keep up to date and know when the next Euromillions Superdraw will take place

History of the EuroMillions Superdraw

The first Superdraw took place in February 2007, when a jackpot worth just under £67 million was claimed by a single winner in Belgium.

Since then, 21 other EuroMillions Superdraws have taken place. The largest starting prize was worth around €130 million (£112 million at the time). Superdraws roll over as normal if they aren’t won on the night, so they have also contributed to some of the largest EuroMillions jackpots.

In 2013, the EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot rolled over five times until it was finally won. One ticket holder in Portugal and another in Ireland split the £159.5 million grand prize.

The following year the Superdraw helped the jackpot roll over until its cap at €190 million (£149.7 million at the time). It was finally won by a single Portuguese player, with that feat repeated once again in 2017 when a Spanish ticket holder won the maximum €190 million prize.

Changing lives of winners

Neil Trotter was a British EuroMillions Superdraw winner, who won £107.9 million thanks to the draw in March 2014. The jackpot had rolled over twice before Mr. Trotter bought his lucky ticket. The lottery winner quit his job after winning. He used his winnings to buy a fleet of supercars along with a brand-new house and enough garage space to store them all in.

EuroMillions Winner Neil Trotter
Neil Trotter – EuroMillions Superdraw Winner

The most recent EuroMillions Superdraw took place on September 21, 2018. The jackpot was increased to a huge £115 million. It rolled over three times before it was won in Switzerland, and was worth £144 million,. The last time the jackpot was won on the night of the initial Superdraw was in June 2017 when a lucky UK winner took home a massive £87,570,000.

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