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EuroMillions Winner – Brian Caswell

EuroMillions Winner Brian Caswell decided to play EuroMillions for draw number 279 on 12th June 2009, and what a good decision it was. He matched the winning EuroMillions numbers of 6, 14, 16, 34 and 50, and the Lucky Stars 4 and 6. He shared the jackpot of £49,902,538.80 with another winner from Ireland.


Bolton Wanderers fan and former golfer Brian admitted he was cocky handing over his EuroMillions lottery ticket at his newsagent to check the EuroMillions results on Saturday. “I walked in confident and said to the lad, I'm on a roll - here's another winner”. He had won £10 the previous week. “When he scanned the ticket his mouth dropped and he went a little ashen. “He told me to contact Camelot. I didn't have my glasses and couldn't even read the telephone numbers so I headed home to get it into focus.” Brian admitted he was thinking of thousands, but suddenly remembered it was a rollover.

He said “Nearly £25million! I couldn't take it in.” Camelot advised them to say nothing until his EuroMillions jackpot win could be verified. That resulted in awkward conversations with neighbours Stan and Julia, who told them “someone local had won the lottery and it was a grey-haired bloke”. Brian joked “I told Stan, 'you've got grey hair... it could be you!' I just couldn't say anything.”



Brian Caswell went back to his roots a few days after the EuroMillions results with a trip to his beloved allotment. He grows cabbages, potatoes, onions and rhubarb with a passion. The retired export manager chose to dig and prune in style, swapping traditional overalls and mucky boots for a pristine black jacket and smart white tie! He said “I've a thing about the allotment. It's dear to my heart. It's very friendly there and sometimes you can go for just a chat. I go there to work in the morning, and then relax in the afternoon. “I can't see that stopping straight away. It's such a friendly atmosphere. But I have been trying to grow carrots ever since I've been on that plot and never had any success. “I have followed every instruction in the book and never had a single success. So what I'm going to do now is bring a professional in and tell him to sort it out.”

Brian does the veg while his wife Joan, grows the flowers including roses, begonias and clematis. They work so well together that their combined plots have won best frontage prizes in council competitions over the years. Mr Caswell was chairman of the Harpers Lane Allotment Society in Bolton when he became one of the country’s largest EuroMillions lottery winners.



Brian and Joan thought their life was perfect when they celebrated 50 years of marriage a few months before finding that they had the winning EuroMillions numbers. They didn’t want presents, only donations to charity. After the win, they made their own special donations to the Alzheimer's Society and Guide Dogs for the Blind. Their daughters Helen, 48, and Angela, 44, and four grandchildren also benefited from the big EuroMillions jackpot win.

Fair to say Brian and Joan were generous EuroMillions winners, much like November 2013 winner Margaret Loughrey who vowed to "spread around" her EuroMillions windfall and use it to help other people.



Brian travelled extensively in his job as export manager for a brewery firm but never had time to explore. Spraying champagne at the press conference to announce his EuroMillions lottery win, he said “I never got to go to South America and Rio. I'd like to stand at the foot of Everest.”

He also planned to move to a farm with stables and enough property for the whole family, including two daughters and four grandchildren.

Since then he has swapped the modest semi where he and his wife Joan spent the first 50 years of their marriage and bought a £1.25million five-bedroom farmhouse three miles away with the EuroMillions jackpot money.



While he waited for his dream Range Rover to be delivered, the dealer in Bolton was happy to lend Brian one for the day. Brian, who used to drive a four-year-old Fiat Panda, said “This is a loaner - mine will take a few weeks.” However, the grandfather later returned the £55,000 Range Rover with £6,000 damage after a crash. A source at Stratstone Land Rover in Bury, Greater Manchester, said “He was really apologetic, but wouldn’t say how it happened”. The car needed a new side panel and wing mirror, but the bill was small change for Brian now that he had a hefty EuroMillions jackpot sum to fall back on. He wanted to treat himself to a Range Rover because, as a manager, that was the one company car he was not allowed; that car belonged to the director.

Brian isn't the only EuroMillions winner who's had a Range Rover in their heart following their win. Cassey Carrington and Matt Topham splashed out on a £28,000 Range Rover following their 2012 EuroMillions triumph.



Brian still finds enjoyment and happiness in old pleasures despite the EuroMillions lottery success; not just the allotment but going out with friends on a Friday night to play 20p dominoes. He was also able to bring his family closer; they all now live minutes apart. He said “Every week, we all sit round the dining room table, eating and talking and that is the pinnacle of what this has done — we did it before, but the family was all over the place. Now we can sit and talk in one place.” He added “I now have a workshop and in the house I’m in, there is always something that needs doing — and my wife has a talent for art which she can now take up. When she was younger she had to give up a place at Art College, because she had to work.”

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