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EuroMillions Winners – Cassey Carrington and Matt Topham

EuroMillions Winners Cassey Carrington and Matt Topham won the jackpot in draw number 457 on 7th February 2012. The winning EuroMillions numbers were 3, 15, 17, 28 and 33, with the Lucky Stars being 2 and 4.

These numbers were life changing for Cassey and Matt in this particular draw. However if you want to see how they have fared in historic draws then you can run them through our EuroMillions results checker, and it will show you how successful they've been.



They bought their Lucky Dip EuroMillions lotto ticket online after Cassey was feeling lucky having received a bonus at work where she was a supervisor at Iceland, the supermarket. Buying their EuroMillions lotto ticket online gave them the security and peace of mind that their ticket couldn't be lost.

In fact Cassey had only set up the online account to buy the tickets to play EuroMillions four days before their win. Their EuroMillions lotto win was well timed, as both their washing machine and laptop broke on the same day as the draw took place.



At a news conference at the Derbyshire Hotel in South Normanton where the EuroMillions lottery jackpot win was announced, Cassey said she planned to leave her job, buy her dream car and then buy her mother and father, along with close friends all a house each. Matt, who works in the family decorating business, wanted to leave his job, pay off his dad’s mortgage, take up flying lessons and hopefully become a pilot. The amazing couple were also very generous and gave hundreds of thousands away to help others.

They helped Matt’s father by paying off his mortgage and treated their friends with nice holidays in Spain, New York and Amsterdam. It also emerged that the couple shared the luck of their winning EuroMillions numbers with one of their best friends with a £1.3million gift. They set their friend Eddie Smith, a web development student, up for life with the incredible hand out. The trio have known each other since their teenage years, and call Eddie, who was also 22, their 'bestest friend'.

After their win, Mr Topham and Miss Carrington offered Mr Smith £1million, but when he told them he would use the money to pay off his parents' mortgage and help his brother, they decided to give him more.



Following the life changing EuroMillions results, Matt and Cassey later bought themselves a modest £249,000 house on a cul-de-sac in Nottinghamshire. They were said to be ‘delighted’ with their new home, but with a housing estate on one side and a busy main road to the other, it could hardly be described as idyllic. However, it was still a significant climb up the property ladder for the couple who moved out of their £80,000 two-bedroom semi, which they had bought the previous year. The new Jaguar XK 2-Door Coupe worth around £70,000 and a £28,000 Range Rover Evoque were two more of their new possessions thanks to their EuroMillions jackpot.

Carrington and Topham aren't alone in spalshing out on a new home following lottery success, as July 2005 winner Dolores McNamara showed when she moved into €1.7 million Lough Derg Hall.



Mr Topham was estranged to his mother, Julie, with whom he had had no contact in seven years. She was reported to have heard of his and Miss Carrington's plans to give the huge EuroMillions lotto sum away to their friend Eddie and added that she wished luck to them all.

She had also reportedly sworn that financial incentives played no part in her sudden desire to resurrect her relationship with Matt. “I have no interest in any of his millions,” said Mrs Gamble, “I don't want his money, I would just love to get my son back.” “I would tell him to remember a few things: I am your mum, I will always love you, I may not like you but I will always love you. And I am here if you ever need me.”



Matt sported a pair of antlers as he wandered through Amsterdam with friends on his stag do. Big-hearted Matt, 22, paid for his dad, two brothers and eight friends to join him on a boozy weekend ahead of his wedding to childhood sweetheart Cassey. The wedding in September 2012 was originally to have been held at Risley Hall Hotel, but a national newspaper later reported that the pair had changed their minds and booked into the Clumber Park Hotel and Spa, after being taken there by Camelot the night before they went public with their EuroMillions lotto win.

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The Tophams are known to have bought their £250k house as a temporary home, as they’ve always wanted to design their own. It is now believed that they have done just that, although planning permission is not known to have been approved yet. A statement from architects Baca said that they will be "replacing the drawing room, parlour, ballroom and smoking room of yesteryear. The new house will be bang-up-to-date with a home cinema, games room, swimming pool, home gym and connected office, all seamlessly wired to incorporate the latest digital technology security surveillance equipment and triple A-rated appliances. "The hi-tech kitchen will literally be carved out of the ground with the seams of the cut strata flowing into the room to create the worktops, units and seating.

"The architects are hoping the house, titled Serenity, will push the boundaries of environmental and architectural design ... and produce a beautiful country house that will be enjoyed by generations." All of this, thanks to their EuroMillions lottery jackpot! Matt and Cassey have said: "Must-haves [for the new house] included five bedrooms, a dramatic sweeping staircase, a large garage and a grotto-style pool”. Maybe they should have taken Cassey’s surname instead; The Carringtons.


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