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EuroMillions Winners Corby syndicate, which consisted of 12 bus drivers from Corby in Northamptonshire, won the Euromillions jackpot in draw 468 on 16th March 2012. The winning numbers they were delighted to see drawn in the EuroMillions results were 3, 4, 12, 23 and 50, while the Lucky Stars were 4 and 7. The jackpot was £38,034,639.70 and each scooped just over £3.1 million.



The syndicate had been running for over two years, with a total outlay of £1,248 and was led by Chris Smith. The other members were Charlie Gillion, 65; Neil Tayton, 58; Alex Robertson, 57; Ally Spence, 57; Jim Patton, 55; Dave Mead, 54; Stephen Derrick, 53; Derek Wilson, 51; John Noakes, 49 and 41-year-old Charlie Connor. Stephen Derrick decided to play EuroMillions numbers based on his family’s birthdays.

If you want to see if any of these numbers make it into the list of the most drawn EuroMillions numbers in past draws then our EuroMillions draw statistics can provide you with that information.





Penelope Gillion, 65, whose husband, Charles, was one of the winners, said that they had been married for 45 years and that they would spend their winnings on their family of three children, 10 grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

Neil Tayton, who has three children and four grandchildren said that his first purchase from his EuroMillions jackpot would have been a bike, but his wife had stopped him saying they are too dangerous. Father-of-four Alex Robertson, 58, said he wanted to take his mother to Australia. Travelling is common on the priorities for lottery winners. For example June 2009 winner Brian Caswell had South America and Rio on the top of his list of places to visit.

Ally Spence, who has six children and five grandchildren, said that he planned to buy his wife her dream property – a bungalow.
Jim Paton, 55, and brother-in-law Dave Mead, 54, along with Mr Gillion, said they had all handed in their notice to Stagecoach following their EuroMillions lottery success.
Derek Wilson, 51, originally from Wishaw, Scotland, said that he would be updating his Y-reg Rover 45 to an Audi and would also buy a new house thanks to the winning EuroMillions numbers.

John Noakes talked of replacing his Nissan Primera for an Aston Martin while, more extravagantly, he said “My wife and I are real Elvis fans so we are planning a trip to Vegas and Grace Land where we will renew our wedding vows”. He added “We will probably be taking all the family so it should be great fun. I love classic British cars so I am going to buy a DB9. But it will be a second hand one; I don’t need to be flashy”.

On another romantic note, Charles Connor said that he would now be able to have his dream wedding which he had been struggling to afford before the EuroMillions jackpot win. He also planned to go back to school to improve his maths and learn a new language and that he would also join a golf club.




None of the syndicate due in work turned up the next day following the life changing EuroMillions draw although their Stagecoach Manager, John Drew was absolutely delighted for them all.



It was less of a good week for single mother Hazel Loveday. Firstly, she collapsed at work and then found while out in hospital that her colleagues had scooped the £38million EuroMillions jackpot. She had pulled out of the syndicate a few months earlier. Miss Loveday, who lived in Kettering with her son Matthew, fell ill at the Stagecoach depot in Corby, Northamptonshire, on Thursday of the previous week. Stephen Derrick said they had considered Hazel’s predicament.

“She is a nice girl,” he said. “If we do decide to do so (help her financially), it will be in private.”




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