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EuroMillions Winners – Dave and Angela Dawes

EuroMillions Winners Dave and Angela Dawes won the jackpot in draw number 422 on 7 October 2011. The winning EuroMillions numbers 18, 26, 34, 38 and 42, with Lucky Stars 5 and 8 landed them a whopping £101,203,600.70.

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Their winning EuroMillions lotto ticket was bought from WH Smith in Wisbech’s Market Place. At a press conference at Down Hall Country House Hotel in Hertfordshire, Dave and Angela said “We couldn’t believe our luck when we realised that we had matched all seven numbers, we had to pinch ourselves. We rang Camelot on Saturday to claim the prize and they confirmed that we were the only winners of the £101 million jackpot.”

They revealed how they were planning to spend their £101,203,600.70 EuroMillions lottery jackpot fortune which at the time was Britain’s third biggest lottery win. The couple wanted to splash out on a big wedding and move from their one-bedroom flat to a home in London. 47-year-old Mr Dawes wanted a flat in Chelsea to be near to his favourite football team and they both wanted another home in Portugal to be nearer to Angela's parents.

The EuroMillions lotto winning couple watched their numbers come up in the EuroMillions results on television on the Friday night. "We didn't believe it," said Dave. They confessed that they had only played the lottery three times and the first time not a single one of their numbers was drawn. "Dave's already bought me an engagement ring but now he can buy me a nicer one," Angela joked. She changed her name when they decided to get married.

They also planned to use their EuroMillions lottery jackpot to make "15 to 20" of their close family and friends millionaires. Struggling factory worker Andy Smith, a father of three, was top of the list of 20 friends they promised to make instant millionaires. Mr Smith earns £23,000 a year at the food plant where Mr Dawes was a supervisor. Dave wanted to give up his job as a shift supervisor at Premier Foods in Wisbech, while Angela said she would step down as a volunteer at the British Heart Foundation.


With a pint of lager in one hand and cigarette in another, Britain’s new EuroMillions lotto multi-millionaire Dave Dawes was photographed during a shopping trip to London’s Bond Street. Donned in his Chelsea football shirt, signet rings covered his fingers tattooed with ‘love’ and ‘hate’.

Two months after the win the couple were married at Gretna Green and celebrated with a £250 bottle of champagne. They splashed out on luxury London hotel rooms, designer clothes, a Rolls-Royce, holidays to Portugal and season tickets for Chelsea FC. Their lucky EuroMillions lottery ticket made them the 702nd richest couple in the UK.

The pair aren't the only sport mad EuroMillions winners. The record breaking Weirs took their love for their club one step further when they invested £750,000 into their beloved Partick Thistle in order to establish a new youth academy.


Their generosity was ridiculed by Angela’s ex-husband, John Leeman. He claimed that she had left him and her son with £20,000 of debts after having a secret affair with Mr Dawes. Her teenage son Steven also claimed his mother abandoned him when she started her new life. Steven Leeman, 17 at the time, said that his mum cheated on his dad and kicked them both out when he was just 12. He added that for the past five years she had nothing to do with him. Despite the pledge to make up to 20 of their loved ones millionaires with their EuroMillions lottery jackpot, Steven didn’t expect to get a penny, even though he believed his mum owed £20,000 in maintenance payments. Trainee joiner Steven said “I haven’t spent time with my mum since 2006 – I don’t even know where she lives. “I came back from a school trip to France and my mum kicked my dad and me out. I was 12 years old. “She burnt all my dad’s clothes and wouldn’t give me mine.

She wouldn’t even give me my CDs, DVDs and computer. Since then my dad has worked really hard to pay for us. “I have never received a birthday, Christmas or Easter card from her since. So I’m hardly likely to see a penny of her winnings. “As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have a mum. When she passes me in the street she ignores me. She doesn’t even nod or say, Hi. “It makes my blood boil when I hear she is a really good person because she does stuff for charity.” Angela Dawes later said in a statement: “I’m saddened by these reports. A lot of what has been said since my divorce has been untrue and very hurtful. I’ve always wanted to be in contact with my son, who I love dearly, and very much want to rebuild our relationship.”

It doesn't always end in disputes between ex's though, as shown when August 2007 £35 million winner Angela Kelly bought a villa for her boyfriends ex wife following her lottery success.


Mr Dawes’ son had recently returned from a six month deployment in Afghanistan as a Royal Navy reservist. Michael Dawes learnt of the EuroMillions lottery jackpot win a week into his new job in military intelligence, but insisted his father’s sudden fortune will not alter his ambitions. Michael, who was 26 at the time and lived in Southsea, Hants, said “My life is not going to change much at all, I have just got to crack on with my job. “I haven’t been in it long and I need to just get on with life. “I only got back from Afghanistan in June and I just started the new job in the defence industry last week so I have to keep up with that. “It has all been a complete whirlwind since it happened. “I am looking forward to seeing dad and Angela. I am guessing they both haven’t had much sleep since.”

Dave Dawes' son isn't the only child of a big lottery winner to display level headedness in such an exciting time however. February 2010 winner Nigel Page's wife described their children as being "more calm about it than we are" following their huge £56 million EuroMillions win.


Just two years later, relatives were reported to tell the press that the EuroMillions lotto winning couples' six-year relationship had ended after arguments over how to spend their winnings. A family source told journalists “What I have been told is that they went their separate ways. They have definitely broken up. “It is to do with the money. They have been rowing about how to spend it”. Dave moved back to a £3.5m Chelsea penthouse whilst Angela remained at their Surrey mansion.

So despite their life changing EuroMillions lottery ticket, it seems this particular pair sadly weren't able to find a way to enjoy their winnings together!

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