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EuroMillions Winner – Dolores McNamara

EuroMillions Winner Dolores McNamara won the lottery jackpot in draw number 77 on 29th July 2005. The winning numbers were 3, 19, 26, 49 and 50, while the Lucky Stars were 4 and 5. The jackpot was a massive £79,881,799.

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When struggling mother of six Dolores McNamara won the EuroMillions lotto, she knew her life would never be the same again. She could give up her part-time cleaning job and stop needing to worry how she would pay for her youngest child's school uniform. The lucky EuroMillions ticket holder was in a pub with friends when she discovered that she had the EuroMillions winning numbers.

An unprepared party broke out as she calmly downed a brandy before bursting into tears at her EuroMillions lotto good luck. On Saturday night the ticket was in a vault at Mrs McNamara's bank in Limerick in the Irish Republic. She had asked the police to look after it but they said they could not guarantee the EuroMillions lottery tickets safety and called in her bank manager instead. She wouldn’t have been able to claim her prize until the following Tuesday when the National Lottery offices reopened after the Bank Holiday weekend in Ireland. Friend Christine McNamara said "The poor girl doesn't know what's happening. She's going around in a daze." Delores's son Dean said that the EuroMillions lottery jackpot was also a great boost for his bricklayer father Adrian, who was recovering from heart surgery. He said "My father nearly died of the shock."

August 2007 winner Angela Kelly can certainly relate to the shock of winning the EuroMillions. She described herself as being "flabbergasted" after scooping £35 million.



Following the advice of National Lottery officials, Delores placed most of her EuroMillions lotto winnings in a deposit account that she couldn't touch for six months. She told friends that she had done this so she could have time "to get her head around" the massive windfall after the shock of successfully matching the winning numbers in the EuroMillions results. She had been struggling to make ends meet as a mum-of-six who worked as a cleaner before her EuroMillions lottery jackpot win. True to her promise to her neighbours, Dolores spent the following Christmas at her modest bungalow.

She served up a 20lb turkey and smoked ham she had bought from her local butcher. She did all the cooking herself and her husband told friends that they wanted an ordinary family Christmas at home where their friends and neighbours could drop in as usual. Mrs McNamara's friend Geraldine Donohoe said "She is a lovely person. She married and she raised a lovely family. She more than deserved what she got."


During this time Delores enjoyed planning how she would spend her EuroMillions lottery jackpot... on a spectacular new home, lavish holidays for the family and maybe even a racehorse. But unfortunately, her newfound wealth came at a price. Six months after her dream win, Dolores and her family were plagued by kidnap plots and death threats which forced them to go into hiding.

Astonishingly, Dolores's eldest son Gary was forced to flee his home in Limerick with his girlfriend and child after police informed of plans by a notorious Irish criminal gang to abduct them and hold them for ransom. All Dolores's children were equipped with personal alarms and their new home is being fitted with a major security system amid ongoing fears for the family's safety. While decorators were putting the finishing touches to their palatial new home in Co Clare, the McNamaras were living in fear for their lives.



Tinarana House was stripped of all fittings by robbers in September 2013. All fittings in the house – including taps, light fittings and copper – were stolen. A Garda spokesman said that the mansion was broken into through the rear door. Another source reported that “This gang took their time in the house taking scrap metal that they knew they could get money for. “The copper cylinder they took was a large item and would have taken time to remove.

“This was a gang on the prowl who were looking for soft targets. There is a market for scrap metal and it would be worth between €7,000 and €8,000.”


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