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EuroMillions Winner Angela Kelly

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EuroMillions Winner – Angela Kelly

EuroMillions Winner Angela Kelly won the lottery jackpot in draw number 183 on 10th August 2007. The winning numbers for the EuroMillions draw were 23, 40, 42, 43 and 49, while the Lucky Stars were 2 and 6. She won a hefty £35,425,411.80.

One of Angela's winning numbers, 23, is seventh in the most commonly drawn numbers in the history of the EuroMillions. You can view the rest by going to our EuroMillions numbers statistics.


The EuroMillions winner from East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire was 40 when she scooped £35.4m in a Friday EuroMillions draw, but was not aware of her win until the Monday. During a media conference at Airth Castle near Falkirk, Ms Kelly described how she had bought the EuroMillions lotto ticket in Sainsbury's on Thursday but forgot to check the EuroMillions results the following day. She said she was out with girlfriends on Saturday and spent Sunday sitting in front of the TV.

It was only on a break from work on Monday that she remembered to check her ticket. The lucky dip ticket was in her handbag and she only checked it when she realised the cash had gone unclaimed. She asked five colleagues to check that she had the winning EuroMillions numbers because she could not believe it. "I couldn't even say anything, I just pushed my chair back and put my head between my knees, I was so flabbergasted," Ms Kelly said.

It would have 1,500 years to earn the same amount

The EuroMillions winner, who had been separated from her husband Gerry for eight years, used her maiden name Cunningham at the Springburn postal depot, where she had worked for 24 years. Ms Kelly, who lived with her 14-year-old son at the time, said she would quit her job at the Glasgow sorting office where she earned £21,000 annually.

It would have taken about 1,500 years to earn the amount of her EuroMillions lottery jackpot win!



Angela’s father left home on her 16th birthday, also leaving her two sisters and mother. She started working in a mail sorting office, married on 15th August 1987, but was forced to nurse her poorly mother and to care her two younger sisters. Her son was born on 4th September 1992. Her mother died on 13th July 1997 and 2 years later she separated from Gerry.

Her father died in August 2002, another terribly sad blow to her. Despite the tragedies, she was described as a lovely person, always willing to help anyone and has now seen a change in fortunes thanks to her decision to play the EuroMillions lottery.



Angela initially opted not to leave her local neighbourhood despite her EuroMillions lottery jackpot. She has since reportedly bought an £850,000 house in a conservation area just outside East Kilbride, on a millionaires’ row, with breath-taking views of the Renfrewshire Hills and only a few minutes away from where she used to live.

Much like Angela, October 2005 winners the O'Shea's similarily spent £700,000 on a new property in their homeland of Ireland following their £10 million win. She did however hold on to the tiny second-floor flat she used to share with her son, John. The property is worth about £120,000 and is on a street that used to be plagued by joyriders but Angela appears to feel comfortable there.



The EuroMillions winner has also bought a £225,000 home for her boyfriend Billy’s wife. Angela gave Janice Quinn, who had been separated from husband Billy for two years at the time, an amazing gift of a detached villa for herself and her two teenage children. She paid for the property in cash and did not even need to sell her terraced house first. A friend said "Angela wanted other people to benefit from her big win. She loves Billy and he's still on good terms with his wife Janice. "Angela knows how much Billy loves his children and knew that if she gave Janice some money it would mean Billy's kids would benefit”. Janice, a nurse, wasn't sure about taking the money at first but realised how much it would improve her life.

"She went house-hunting straight away and found a lovely detached villa not far from her old house in East Kilbride. She bought it and paid the whole £225,000 in cash. "It means Janice doesn't have a mortgage anymore and she has extra money for the kids.” The profit she made from her last house, about £37,000, went straight into her bank account. "It's a safety net for Janice and means she has savings if she needs it for the kids." Janice and Billy, who have a son, Matthew and daughter Frances, had been married for almost 20 years when they split up.



The pressures of Angela’s new financial status became too much and she later split with Billy. Billy told friends he was no longer with Angela and he had returned to his job. However he asked for six months off work, sparking gossip that Angela had given him cash from her EuroMillions lottery jackpot for a trip round the world.



However, it was reported in August 2013 that in June of that year the couple had secretly married in a sunset ceremony on a beach in Hawaii, having re-united sometime previously. Angela had no guests and her only real luxury was a dress by the Queen’s designer Stewart Parvin. A photographer and a video cameraman witnessed the ceremony. Angela also fulfilled one of her ambitions to visit the home of her favourite television show, Hawaii Five-0, when she flew to Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki Beach. She said: “The holiday was booked -we just decided to do it (marry) while we were out there so we could do the honeymoon at the same time.” What is certain is that her winning EuroMillions numbers have changed her life forever!

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