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EuroMillions Winner Mary Hamilton bags £13m prize

EuroMillions Winner Mary Hamilton from Northern Ireland was the lucky winner of a life changing £13million jackpot prize from the Friday November 7th 2014 draw which she decided to play EuroMillions in.

The lucky numbers that 65-year-old Mary Hamilton managed to match in the EuroMillions results were 13, 25, 32, 38, 46 as well as the Lucky Stars 01 and 10. The lucky winner from Northern Ireland revealed that she had recently decided to drop her usual numbers that she had been playing for 20 years and went for Lucky Dip numbers instead, and what a decision that proved to be!



Mary didn’t check her ticket immediately however and said she didn’t eve realise the ticket was in her bag. It wasn’t until she checked her numbers at a local petrol station that she discovered her EuroMillions fortune.

There was a man behind her who was checking his numbers, and had them up on his phone who told Mary she was a EuroMillions winner. She was told by the cashier that she had won too much for it to be paid out in the shop and was in shock from the news.

Mary said she had to call her 67-year-old husband, Alexander from the petrol station and ask him to come and pick her up, saying: “My legs were so weak that I couldn’t walk. Sandy came to the store, we hugged and then he drove us home.”

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Mary said that the first thing she has her sights set on to spend some of her EuroMillions windfall on is a new phone. Both Mary and Alexander expressed their desire to also help customers they have dealt with in a furniture business for close to a decade, despite the fact that they had now planned to quit the business.

“We started working with Bannons about seven or eight years ago and they’ve been the happiest years of our working lives,” Mary Hamilton expressed. The EuroMillions winner also mentioned her gratitude towards the management and the friendships that had been formed with customers within the community.

Many winners express their generosity following a win, like 2015 winners the Maxwell's who vowed to use their money to help not only themselves, but those around them.

She also explained how she wanted to use her EuroMillions money to help the local community in Northern Ireland who she felt had been through a difficult time recently. “There are a lot of young people out there whose youth centres are being closed down because of the cutbacks. I know this will put a lot of them back out on to the streets. I would prefer they were in youth centres rather than standing about street corners, so I might look into something like that.

Mary Hamilton and her husband Alexander can now enjoy a relaxed retirement without having to worry about money, while being able to treat themselves, as well as invest money into good causes at the same time. If you want to try your luck at joining the Hamilton’s on the list of EuroMillions winners, then you can play with Lottery24 now. There are also many more winner stories for you to read on the website if you enjoyed this one.

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