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EuroMillions Winners – Gareth and Catherine Bull

EuroMillions Winners Gareth and Catherine Bull won draw 452 on 20th January 2012, with a massive £40,627,241. Their lucky numbers that matched the winning numbers from the EuroMillions results were 2, 10, 22, 27 and 28, while the Lucky Stars were 6 and 8.


Mr Bull, a self-employed builder, decided to play EuroMillions on a whim after rain stopped him from working. He drove with the "lads" in his van to a shop in Apsley he had never been in before and bought a EuroMillions lottery Lucky Dip ticket. The 40-year-old only realised the following morning that they had hit the EuroMillions jackpot.

He checked his ticket as usual on television on Saturday morning and said he knew he had the two Lucky Star numbers because they immediately jumped out at him. It quickly dawned on him that he had more winning EuroMillions numbers than he first thought.



His wife of 15 years, Catherine, said “He came into the bedroom as white as a sheet, the ticket was shaking in his hand and I knew that something wasn't right. “When he tried to explain that he thought we'd won I thought he was pulling my leg. “I was in the middle of straightening my hair and told him I wasn't very happy with being teased.” Incredibly, the EuroMillions winners carried on with their weekend as normal, taking their two sons to play in football matches and hosting a birthday sleepover.

The couple said their younger son would tell them off for buying lottery tickets as he would say that it’s a waste of money! Mrs Bull laughed. “He might have something to say about that now.”



Mr and Mrs Bull were revealed as the new Euromillions winners at a press conference at Eastwood Hall in Nottingham. Asked if she planned to go shopping with her winnings, horrified Mrs Bull said she couldn’t think of anything worse. “I have never been much of a shopper and I can’t see that changing now,” she said. “I already have home food delivery from Tesco because I hate shopping.” Remarkable, for such a stunning woman, she added “And I have no style sense – I usually wear leggings and jeans. I want a new upstairs landing carpet. It’s terrible – nobody is allowed to go upstairs.” Despite their massive EuroMillions jackpot win the Nottinghamshire couple said at the press conference that they have ‘no plans’ to quit work or move out of their home.

The couple aren't alone in continuing to work following their lottery success, for example Andy McAllister took home £17 million in 2005 and vowed to continue his job as a poultry worker.



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