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EuroMillions Winner – Margaret Loughrey

EuroMillions Winner Margaret Loughrey won a £27 million jackpot in draw number 645 on Tuesday 26th November 2013. Her EuroMillions winning numbers were 19, 23, 27, 42 and 44, with the Lucky Stars of 3 and 5.

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Margaret, one of Northern Ireland’s biggest ever lottery winners, decided to play EuroMillions in the Supervalu store in Strabane on her way home from the job centre. Colm Gallagher, the store manager of SuperValu on Melmount Road in Strabane, later said “The staff and customers have nothing but good will towards Margaret and her family.

It's something different from the usual doom and gloom we usually hear about Strabane." Strabane has been dubbed ‘most economically disadvantaged town in Northern Ireland’.



The following morning, Margaret turned on her TV and checked the EuroMillions lottery results. Realising they were winning numbers, she checked again, went and sat in the garden for a while and came back in to re-check. After wandering around her modest two-bedroom bungalow for hours, she then rang her brother with the incredible news that she had the EuroMillions winning numbers. Margaret, known as Mags by her friends, picked up her cheque for £26,863,588.20 on the Friday. She said “I never panicked. I'm level-headed and I know I'll think it all through and do the right thing, see to the right people. It's in my name at the minute, it's £27 million, it's not going to be mine, it's going to be spread around.

No point having £27 million and being lonely. That can't make me happy, (what) can only make me happy (is) that everybody else is happy and so far everybody is absolutely delighted," Margaret added about her EuroMillions jackpot win.

Margaret isn't alone in her generosity, as displayed by fellow EuroMillions winner Marion Richardson who gave over half of her £17 million prize in 2004 to family members.



Margaret, 48, who had recently separated from her husband and has no children, vowed she would not leave her home town of Strabane in Co Tyrone despite her EuroMillions lottery success, but that she might buy a bigger house. She added that she had often dreamt of retiring to the south of Spain. She also pledged that her four brothers, sister, 75-year-old mum, extended family and a few close friends would also benefit from her EuroMillions jackpot winnings.



It later emerged that a global lottery scam was using Euromillions lottery winner Margaret Loughrey’s name to try and con people out of their money. The scam first came to light via a website which was set up specifically to highlight scammers and their crimes. There are now also lots of Facebook entries with her name and photograph, presumably also fakes.

It is quite a sad indictment that such good news for such a genuine lady brings out the worst in some people in light of Margaret’s EuroMillions lottery success. If you want to read the stories of other winners, then have a look at our EuroMillions Winners Overview.