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EuroMillions Winner – Marion Richardson

EuroMillions Winner Marion Richardson won draw number 9 on 9th April 2004. Her winning EuroMillions numbers were 1, 4, 10, 19 and 23, with Lucky Stars 2 and 8 which pocketed her an amazing £16,752,144.80.

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The 57 year old mother-of-five from Winlaton in Tyneside wanted to go on a Los Angeles shopping spree like the Julia Roberts character in her favourite film - Pretty Woman, but Marion said that she intended to buy her parents Norman and Marion, a new carpet first with her EuroMillions jackpot.

Ahead of a press conference at a swanky hotel in London's Knightsbridge, Ms Richardson said “I just love the film Pretty Woman and have always wanted to go shopping like Julia Roberts did on Rodeo Drive.”



The EuroMillions winner had been forced to retire from the postal worker's job she loved due to poor health, stress and mental exhaustion. The divorcee had experienced a difficult childhood and turbulent marriage. With only £5 to last her all week, she didn't know how she was going to manage.

Luckily her decision to play the EuroMillions lottery gave her the much needed boost she was searching for.



Marion told the press conference that she was at home knitting when she decided to check the EuroMillions lottery results after her right hand began to itch; traditionally a sign of luck and money "coming in". Ms Richardson, who lived with her 25-year-old daughter Kaye, admitted she could not stay still when she was waiting to find out if she had really won the EuroMillions jackpot.

She said “I ran right up to the TV screen just to check that it really was the EuroMillions numbers. I called my daughter Kaye and she checked them for me as well. "I could not stay still and was wandering around the house until she confirmed my win."



The EuroMillions winner began phoning around her family, including her other children Julie, 37 at the time, Colin, who was 34, Paul, 39 and her youngest son, 32-year-old Scott. Ms Richardson said that joker Scott did not believe her at first. She said "He is always playing jokes on me, calling me up and putting on accents, so when I phoned him he thought I was getting my own back and told me to stop joking." She added "The lottery operator said it (the winning ticket) had to stay somewhere no one could get to it.

So I thought, 'Where better than my Bridget Jones knickers?” Marion went on to say "The ticket stayed in my knickers that whole weekend. “Later they asked me, 'Have you still got the ticket?' I slapped my bum and said, 'Yes, it's still safe'."



It took a long time for Marion’s new found EuroMillions lottery wealth to sink in, and even longer before she started spending any of it. "When I first got the money, my son Paul had to force me to go shopping. So I bought socks for £4.99," The EuroMillions winner admitted. Of course she soon got the idea of splashing her cash. First the generous Geordie mum gave away over half her fortune. Marion said "I made nine millionaires in one go. I gave my kids and brothers and sisters a million each." Her amazing gifts didn't stop there though. She has paid off mortgages, taken friends on luxury cruises, given to charity and bought several homes with her EuroMillions jackpot.

It's not uncommon for winners to give away some of their money to a variety of different causes. November 2014 winner Mary Hamilton wanted to put some of her £13 million into helping her local community in Northern Ireland for example.

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