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EuroMillions Winner – Nigel Page

EuroMillions Winner Nigel Page won the jackpot in draw number 314 on 12th February 2010. He decided to play EuroMillions with the winning numbers 1, 5, 18, 38 and 45, with Lucky Stars 4 and 6. He shared the massive jackpot of £112,016,226.40 with a Spanish ticket holder, picking up a cheque for £56 million.



When Nigel Page discovered he had won £56million on the Euromillions lottery, he told how he was left speechless and shaking. He bought two Lucky Dips for the EuroMillions draw after winning £55 in the previous Wednesday's lotto draw. The EuroMillions winner was sitting having breakfast with one of his daughters on Saturday morning while Mrs Laycock was having a lie-in after a night out with work colleagues. He heard the news that a British winner had shared Friday's overall EuroMillions jackpot of £112m with one other ticket, purchased in Spain. He had finished his breakfast before logging into his lottery account online to check the EuroMillions results, where he received his "Congratulations" message notifying him that he had the winning EuroMillions numbers. “I saw the win for £55 there and just below it was the £56million EuroMillions prize”. His shocked partner Justine Laycock gasped “Oh my God.” Her level-headed 15-year-old daughter Georgia helped keep their feet on the ground. 'She just said, "Whatever"...she was a typical teenager about it,' said Mrs Laycock as the couple relived the moment they discovered they were Britain's biggest winners with their EuroMillions jackpot.

Mrs Laycock, Singapore-born daughter of a former RAF pilot, said “I knew something was up as Nigel never wakes me up on a Saturday morning and he looked so worried. All he said was, “I need you urgently - I need to show you something”. She added “I thought something awful had happened but he took me to the computer and there it was on the screen. His hands were shaking so much he couldn't pick up the phone, so I called the lottery line and they confirmed it was true - we had the EuroMillions winning numbers and were the £56million jackpot winners. Then we went into the front room and just stood there laughing.” Mr Page said the couple went to their local Waitrose for a bacon sandwich while waiting for a Camelot adviser to arrive. “We were sitting there at the table in silence. We couldn't even swallow, it was such a shock.”



Mrs Laycock, 41 at the time, was a senior sales negotiator for an estate agent while her fellow EuroMillions winner and partner Mr Page who was 43, ran a property maintenance business.

He hoped to use his EuroMillions lottery wealth to open the first indoor skydiving centre in the South West so enthusiasts could experience the thrill of a vertical wind tunnel. “I've jumped out of a plane at 12,000ft but that's nothing compared to how I'm feeling now,' he said.



Asked if they had plans to marry, Mr Page said “It's something we will consider when we have had a chance to think about it and everything settles down.” He added that he had planned to buy his partner a card, chocolates and flowers for Valentine's Day but with everything that happened on Saturday with the life changing EuroMillions draw he had not got round to it. Justine’s response was that in the light of their win, she did not mind too much!

One couple who did use their windfall for a dream wedding were February 2012 EuroMillions winners Cassey Carrington and Matt Topham.



Mrs Laycock's ex-husband Mark, 43, a plumber, who lives near the couple in Cirencester, said “I'm very pleased for them. She came round and told me on Saturday. “We are very friendly. It's brilliant news. They are two good parents. It'll be a great thing for Georgia and Jacob. They are made for life now.” Mrs Laycock's father Colin Palmer, a former RAF pilot and BA flight engineer, recalled how his daughter had got herself in debt as a teenager after taking up a bank account offer where paying in £1 entitled her to a £1,000 overdraft.

“It went out of control and she couldn't afford to pay it back,” he said. “She was in debt by thousands. I had to bail her out and she ended up paying me back £10 a week for months on end. She learned her lesson after that and has been very careful with money. She's incredibly sensible and down to earth and she won't be led down the garden path just because she's got £56million.”



When talking about their children, Justine said “We're so proud of them; they are very level-headed”. She added “They are more calm about it than we are. They've joked about getting a tarantula and getting Ella a little Shetland pony so her feet can run on the ground by the side while she's riding it but that's it. So all they want so far is a spider and a pony.”



Although the EuroMillions jackpot winning couple faced the press together, technically Mr Page was the only winner of the jackpot. Despite being together for eight years, they were not married at the time and Mr Page bought the EuroMillions ticket himself using his own online National Lottery account. In the absence of marriage, Ms Laycock had no financial claim to the winnings, meaning if the couple split she would see none of the money.

The only way Ms Laycock would have had any claim to a share of the money would be if the online lottery account was funded directly by a joint account in the name of herself and her partner.



Justine’s father commented “Their relationship is going well and I wouldn’t be surprised if they got married now. They’ve been together eight years and they do think a lot of each other. They always seem happy together.” In fact they did marry and had no guests at their wedding; they asked register office staff to act as witnesses. The Euromillions jackpot winners then jetted off on a honeymoon to Dubai. They returned home to their new £4million eco-lodge in Barnsley, Gloucestershire, after their Easter break.

“Yes we got married and we’re very happy,” said self-confessed ‘white van man’ Mr Page. His daughter Ella, and Justine’s children Georgia and Jacob and three relatives went away with them on their luxury trip to the United Arab Emirates. The bill for the party of eight at the exclusive Atlantis Palm resort came to £70,000, and why not with their new found wealth thanks to their winning EuroMillions numbers! The nuptials also mean that Justine, whose name was not on the Lottery cheque, is entitled to a share of the EuroMillions jackpot fortune if they divorce.



Nigel was later ordered to pay £2m to his ex-wife who left him for another man. Nigel who did not get a consent order when they divorced, initially offered his ex-wife a token £1 million, but after she consulted lawyers, she whacked in a claim for £8 million.



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