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Introduction to Lottery Syndicate

What is a Lottery Syndicate?

A Lottery Syndicate is a group of players that gather together in order to participate in the draws with many more numbers for a lower cost and higher chances of winning.

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An Admin creates and sets the rules of the game and he does not necessary have to join the game.

Players numbers are defined by the Syndicate Admin upon game creation.

Line totals and other products requirements are defined by the Admin.

Public syndicates can be selected from the available list of syndicates and are open for everyone to join, whereas an invitation link is needed to join a private syndicate.

Locate and click on the syndicate group which you would like to join. There should be a button which allows you to add the group to your cart.

This is defined by the syndicate admin, it is recommended that you take a moment and read through the group settings and details before purchasing.

After purchasing your syndicate, you should be able to find your ticket in your account.

Yes, you can either subscribe before or after purchasing the syndicate.

Before you add your syndicate to your cart you should be able to edit and modify some of these settings.

We normally notify clients with their results either via E-mails or SMS, please check your notifications setting from your account.

If you have your account setup to receive draw notifications then yes.

When you play a Syndicate, you are combining your numbers with a group of other players. You get more lines, including your personal entry, at an incredible price and your chance at winnings should improve.