An Introduction to the Colorado Lottery

The Colorado Lottery is run by the state government of Colorado and is a member of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL). The Colorado Lottery began on 24th January 1983, initially selling only scratch tickets, and its first draw took place on 23rd April 1983. Colorado Lottery proceeds go towards the State Park system in all 64 counties for outdoor recreation, parks, rivers, trails, wildlife and open spaces. If you fancy your chances of getting in on the winning, then you can play with Lottery24 now!



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Colorado Lottery Games

Mega Millions

Colorado Mega Millions is a big jackpot game that begins at an incredible $15,000,000 and can grow larger with rollovers. Draws occur every Tuesday and Friday night.

Mega Millions tickets have been sold in Colorado since 16th May 2010. Odds of winning the Colorado Mega Millions jackpot are one in 175.5 million and overall odds of winning any prize are one in 40. You can check the winning numbers for the draws on






Colorado Powerball is also played twice a week; every Wednesday and Saturday night. Powerball has enormous jackpots starting at $40,000,000 and increasing in the event of a rollover. It is played by choosing five white balls from 1 to 59 and one red Powerball from 1 to 35, or you can opt for a Quick Pick (Lucky Dip) for random numbers.

Odds of winning the jackpot prize are one in 176 million and the overall odds of winning any prize are one in 32. The largest Colorado Powerball jackpot in the history of the Colorado Lottery was won by Claude G, a tow truck operator, in August 2014. From the small Western slope town of Rifle, Claude won the $90 million prize. As with the Mega Millions, you can check the winning Powerball numbers for the draws on as well.


Cash 5

Colorado Cash 5 began in 1996 and draws five numbers between one and 32. Players can choose their own numbers or check the Quick Pick (Lucky Dip) box for randomly generated numbers. It is also possible to buy up to 13 weeks (91 drawings) in advance with Advance Play; check the Advance Play box on the lottery ticket or ask the retailer for it. The numbers will be the same for all drawings. The jackpot is $20,000 and odds of winning it are one in in 201,376. Overall odds of winning a prize are one in 6.2


Colorado Pick 3

Colorado Pick 3 began in April 2013. It draws three numbers from zero to nine numbers (for example 134, 779, 952) and is played by betting varying amounts on various bet types including exact order, any order, front pair, back pair, etc. The Colorado Pick 3 jackpot is $2,500 and the game is played seven days a week shortly after 7.30pm. A Computer Random Number Generator (CRNG) is used to generate Colorado Pick 3 numbers.


Colorado Lotto

On 24th January 1989, Colorado Lotto began. Initially it was only drawn on Saturdays but on 18th July 1990, Wednesday draws were added. Six of 42 numbers are chosen and the jackpots begin at $1 million.

The biggest Colorado Lotto jackpot in the history of the Colorado Lottery was $27 million, won by Kim Walker of Boulder in 1992. Overall odds of winning a Colorado Lotto prize are one in 35 and the odds of winningthe jackpot are one in 5.25 million.

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Vending Machines

The Colorado Lottery has introduced new vending machines that make it even easier to play Colorado Lottery games. Players can buy both Scratch games and Jackpot games including: Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto, Cash 5 and Pick 3. For a Quick Pick (Lucky Dip), insert the correct money and select from the options on top of the vending machine: Powerball; Mega Millions; Lotto and Cash 5.

Players who prefer to select their own numbers can insert a lottery ticket with their chosen numbers into the slot positioned near the bottom right. The vending machines can also check for winning tickets. The lottery ticket’s bar code needs to be scanned under the ticket scanner, and a digitally displayed message appears with the news! The ticket then needs to be cashed at a retailer, or at a Lottery Claim Centre.

Colorado Lottery Winners

An incredulous Allen said “I was thinking maybe it’s $10,000 and I started counting the zeros and kept going, and I realised it was a million dollars and it still hasn’t sunk in yet”. With their new found wealth they planned to off their house, cars and college fees for their young son. “I am looking forward to the possibility of being a stay-at-home mum eventually. That would be a dream,” said Lorena.


Allen B

The 30-year-old husband and father from Thornton got the surprise of his life at work one Wednesday in 2014, when the Colorado Lottery showed up unannounced. According to his wife Lorena, he had been buying Monopoly Millionaire scratch tickets at $20 each. “And he had 256 of them,” she told reporters. (That’s about $5,000 worth).

“You just won one million dollars on a Second Chance drawing,’ said the representative from the Colorado Lottery, who presented Allen with an oversized cheque for $1 million.

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Tadeusz Krupa

Tadeusz Krupa and his family won $1,000 or more in Colorado's Cash 5 Jackpot 21 different times, winning a total of about $158,000 before taxes since December 2007, according to a news report. The Colorado Lottery has been investigating the 21-time jackpot winner, but his lucky run in the Cash 5 game seemed to only be down to the fact that he and his family play constantly.

Krupa was so successful that other players complained, prompting the Colorado Lottery to investigate his winnings, which included seven $20,000 jackpots. After the investigation, it appeared that he was simply lucky, and had won fair and square.


Eugene and Stanislawa Markiewicz

Eugene and Stanislawa Markiewicz, a Polish couple with German citizenship who immigrated to America, became Colorado's first Powerball jackpot winners on 10th October 2007 when their personal combination of numbers hit the $20 million jackpot. The couple had moved to America in 2002 and live near Golden in Jefferson County.

Eugene and Stanislawa, along with brother and sister-in-law, chose not to receive a lump payment of $9.4 million but instead opted to receive the full $20 million over 30 years. Their first Colorado Powerball cheque was for $356,602. Every year the amount increases 4% until the 30th year, when the final cheque will be for $1,112,117. Colorado Powerball's first jackpot winners were a working-class couple; he's an electrician and she is a cook.

They took almost two weeks to come forward, waiting until after they had set up a partnership with their in-laws to share the winnings. They bought their ticket at the Safeway store at 8543 Church Ranch Boulevard in Westminster, Colorado. The store received a bonus of $50,000 for selling the winning Colorado Powerball ticket. Store manager Sandra Satar said the store would host a party for its employees and donate cash to a local charity.


Albert Tecci and Cheryl Penney

On 22nd April 1989, Albert Tecci and Cheryl Penney, both of Denver, won the first Colorado Lotto jackpot of $7,090,700. When authorities in Massachusetts discovered that Albert Tecci had won Colorado's first $7.1 million Lotto, they issued a warrant on charges that he owed $25,000 in child support back payments. When Tecci discovered that state officials wanted to arrest him, he quickly resolved the matter by agreeing to hand over a lump sum from his winnings.

Tecci, a free-lance public relations and political consultant, had been working in Denver for the Street Smart program designed to help inner-city youth. He said some of the Colorado Lotto winnings would go to benefit the program. Cheryl Penney left her job with US Sprint after they claimed their jackpot.

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Colorado Lottery Taxes

Colorado Lottery prizes over $5,000 are subject to 25% Federal tax and 4% Colorado State tax; a total of 29%. If a winner has outstanding payments due to the Department of Human Services, Department of Justice or Department of Personnel and Administration, these are deducted from any Colorado Lottery prize valued at $600 or more.


Colorado Lottery History

Ticket sales for the Colorado Lottery began on 24th January, 1983, after the legislature passed a lottery bill the year before. The first game was the scratch card game Instant Money Made from Scratch. It was expected to generate about $60 million in sales, but it brought in a whopping $137 million in just five months.

On 23rd April 1983 the Colorado Lottery held its first grand prize draw. Carolynn Andersen, an upholstery shop owner from Cedaredge, became the Colorado Lottery’s first millionaire. On 2nd December 1984, Patricia Mascarenas, a housewife from Thornton, became the first person to win the Super Instant jackpot. She won $2.6 million.

Scratch card games made up the Colorado Lottery’s game list for six years after its launch, and it wasn’t until 24th January 1989 that Colorado Lotto was added to its portfolio. Keno was introduced in 1991, and Colorado Cash 5 in 1996. With each of these game introductions, sales and revenues to beneficiaries increased to new record levels.

Colorado Powerball began in 2001, Colorado Mega Millions in 2010 and Colorado Pick 3 in April 2013. The multistate games still headline the Colorado Lottery’s current range of draw games.


Other Colorado Lottery Information

Where the money goes

Every Colorado Lottery game ticket that is sold helps satisfy Colorado’s population and their never-ending need for play. From parks and trails, to wilderness and recreation areas, the Colorado Lottery funds open spaces and recreation in all 64 counties. Colorado Lottery revenues are directed by a state Constitutional amendment under the Constitution of the State of Colorado Article XXVII.

The Great Outdoors Colorado Program, approved by voters in 1992, manages outdoor recreation, parks, trails, rivers, wildlife and open spaces. The Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Trust Fund distributes 50% of Colorado Lottery proceeds through competitive grants to local governments and land trusts, while 40% is distributed to the Conservation Trust Fund, and 10% goes to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife division.


Scientific Games

Scientific Games has provided the Colorado Lottery’s instant games for the enjoyment of Colorado Lottery players since they started working together in 1983 with just one instant game. Colorado Lottery have recently signed a new contract for another three more years working with Scientific Games.


Colorado Lottery Retailers

Colorado Lottery retailers earn an average of approximately $11,400 annually sellingLottery games. For businesses like petrol stations, local stores and supermarkets, the Colorado Lottery is much more than a fun way to offer citizens a way to play; it’s a great way to add profit.

The Colorado Lottery’s retail network includes approximately 3,000 businesses across the state. Retailers can earn bonuses of $200 to $50,000 for selling Jackpot game top prizes, plus bonuses for certain Scratch card games. Additionally, meeting performance goals entitles retailers to bonus awards paid quarterly.


The Colorado Lottery offers players a number of ways to claim prizes. They can mail the signed ticket to the Colorado Lottery's Pueblo Headquarters with a Lottery claim form or in person at any of the Lottery's four claims centres. Winning Colorado Lottery jackpots must be claimed at either the Lottery's Pueblo headquarters or the Denver claims centre.

Colorado Lottery tickets can be bought as gifts for people under 18 years-old, but not by under 18s themselves. Anyone under the age of 18 must have received the ticket as a gift to claim the prize.

Colorado Lottery tickets (Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto, Cash 5 and all Scratch games) can be redeemed up to 180 days after the draw date for jackpot games or the announced end of game for each Scratch card game.

Current Jackpots