An Introduction to the Georgia Lottery

Each week millions wait on the announcement of the Georgia lottery results and, every so often someone gets to become a millionaire. The biggest pay out in the State’s history so far was a half share of the Georgia Mega Millions winning lottery prize in December 2013 when lucky Ira Curry netted a half share of $648 million.

While the Georgia lottery is often making someone, somewhere in the State, mighty happy, there are plenty of other people and causes that benefit from every dollar that residents spend to buy their tickets. When you pay for your Georgia lottery numbers, the proceeds go towards funding education in the State, whether it is through scholarships or technology upgrades for schools.

So, next time you’re sat up waiting for the Georgia lottery results, just remember that it’s not all about winning. But if you’re Georgia lottery numbers do come up, remember to spend that money wisely.

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Georgia Lottery Games

There are different games you can play including Georgia Mega Millions and Georgia Powerball, as well as Cash 3 and All or Nothing.

Georgia Powerball Lottery

Georgia Powerball lottery draws are held on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 11pm. You select five numbers between 1 and 59 and a Georgia Powerball number between 1 and 35. You can choose your own numbers or opt for a quick pick chosen by the computer.

If you are sat up waiting for the draw and watching the Georgia lottery results, make sure you have a stiff drink to help you out if you win. You’ll need it if your Georgia lottery numbers come up.

The odds of winning the Georgia Powerball jackpot, matching all numbers, is around 175 million to 1. The odds of matching one of the Georgia lottery winning numbers is just 55 to 1 and will net you a small prize of around $4.

The jackpot prize can be anything from $12 million upwards and one of the largest prizes in history was $448 million.

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Georgia Mega Millions Lottery

The Georgia Mega Millions draws take place on Tuesday and Friday at 11pm. You choose 5 numbers between 1 and 75 for the Georgia lottery drawing of your choice plus a Mega Ball number between 1 and 15.

The jackpot prize for the Georgia Mega Millions can be anything from $12 million upwards. If you match all the Georgia lottery winning numbers you can elect to take a lump sum or an annuity. The majority of people choose to take the lump sum which is subject to Georgia lottery tax. The odds of winning the Georgia Mega Millions jackpot are around 259 million to 1.

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Georgia Lottery Cash 3

Smaller prizes can be won with the Georgia lottery Cash 3 game and there are two draws a day, seven days a week. Players pick three numbers but there are 9 different options to choose from such as matching all the Georgia Lottery Cash 3 numbers in the exact order or in any order. Prizes range up to about $500 and the odds of winning are around 150 to 1.

Georgia Lottery Cash 3 draws take place at midday and in the evening every day and are very popular with players and there are large numbers of winners each day. Typically a draw will pay out around $100,000 in small prizes.


Georgia Lottery All or Nothing

If you want to win up to $250,000 then you will need to pick all 12 numbers on the Georgia Lottery All or Nothing draw that takes place 4 times a day. You select your own 12 numbers between 1 and 24 and it costs $2 per line per draw. The odds of matching all the numbers and winning the jackpot for the Georgia Lottery All or Nothing are 2.7 million to one.


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Georgia Lottery Winners

Mega Millions

The Georgia Mega Millions draw has been popular since it was first introduced to the State and has seen some big winners in the past. Perhaps the most famous Georgia Mega Millions jackpot winner was Ira Curry who netted her share of the $636 million prize back in 2013. She opted to take the lump sum which saw her walking away with $120 million after taxes. After winning, the 56 year old became quite publicity shy despite being over the moon after the win.

Ira isn’t the only one who has had some Georgia Mega Millions luck. 54 year old Wayne Reese pocketed a $12 million win. His daughter had already been a lottery winner of sorts because she had benefited from a HOPE scholarship that is funded by games like the Mega Millions.

That’s the great thing about the Georgia lottery, you just don’t realise how many people it is helping when you hear of that big win.


Vice President of an advertising firm, Gerald Render got the shock of his life when he checked his Georgia Powerball ticket for the October 2010 draw. His numbers had certainly come up and when results were read out he was suddenly the winner of the $116 million jackpot. Render had decided to take the lump sum option so would take home a comfortable $63 million before taxes.

All Georgia Powerball players have the option to either take a lump sum or an annuity paid over 26 years.

Winners are popping up all over the place with each Georgia lottery results announcement, whether people are playing Mega Millions or Powerball, or one of the other games such as the $10 Million Cash Spectacular or Fantasy 5. The big wins might grab the headlines but there are plenty of residents for who the Georgia lottery winning numbers have provided a life changing amount of money.

Instant Scratch wins

Choosing the right Georgia lottery numbers can happen at any time. For a Cobb County builder, the Georgia lottery results came in the blink of an eye just recently when he played the instant scratch game Maximum Green and won the $1 million top prize. Like most states it’s not just the Georgia lottery drawing that counts. There are plenty of ways to win with Georgia lottery numbers, including instant scratch cards.

Bacon County nurse Greta Taylor got the Georgia Lottery winning numbers and a cool $1.5 million when she played Giant Jumbo Bucks in June 2014. She wasn’t the only winner on this instant win game, Nakia Smith was just passing through the state when he picked up his card and found he was $150,000 better off.

If you want the right Georgia Lottery results then it’s often a good idea to check out your retailer for one of their instant wins.

Georgia Lottery Taxes

If you are lucky enough to get the right Georgia lottery numbers and land the jackpot, then you need to be aware that you will be liable to pay the State Treasury some of your money. In fact, the Georgia lottery tax takes around 6% for all winnings over £5,000 while there is also federal income tax of 25%. And you can’t hide it away either, winners over $600 are reported as a matter of course to the IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue.

Then again, if you have matched the Georgia lottery results and netted the big prize, then you probably won’t be too bothered about the tax.

History of the Georgia Lottery Drawing

Compared to other States in the US, buying Georgia lottery tickets didn’t start until June of 1993 when it was decided that the game would be used to raise money for educational causes. Like many States, Georgia had used lotteries in the past to fund things like roads and buildings, indeed the first Georgia lottery winning numbers were drawn way back in 1784. Back then the draw was run to help build a hospital and poorhouse in Savannah. There have been quite a few Georgia lottery results since then.

Over the years since the State lottery was started, technology has developed and you can now play games online and even check your Georgia lottery numbers on a smartphone. There’s a Georgia lottery app that can keep you up to date with all the results at the touch of a button.

Since the first Georgia lottery results were announced, more than $15 billion has been raised to help students get a good education one way or another. In 2014 Georgia celebrated 20 years of the lottery, not only taking a record amount in ticket sales that saw nearly $1 billion going to the State Treasury and educational causes, but also the release of some commemorative instant games. That’s why so many people play in the State and why the Georgia lottery results are so eagerly anticipated.

More innovations such as the Georgia lottery app and new ways to play, mean that 2014 was one of the best years for raising money for education in the State. There are plenty of ways for you to stay in touch with the Georgia lottery results.

Other Georgia Lottery Information

Georgia Lottery App

If you want to check whether you are holding the winning numbers, it’s now easier than ever. You can just download the Georgia Lottery App onto your mobile phone and find out the results to all the games including Georgia Mega Millions and the Georgia Lottery All or Nothing draws.

Having the Georgia Lottery Winning Numbers

Whether you are playing the Georgia Lottery All or Nothing game or something like the Mega Millions, a win can be just a few seconds away. Some of the most watched programmes in the State are for the lottery drawing for the many kinds of games. Finding out you have the Georgia Lottery winning numbers can be something of a shock, but officials always advise that winners should sign the back of their ticket and put it somewhere safe.

Georgia Lottery Funds Education

For the residents of Georgia, the lottery is more than just a chance to win a large amount of money. The main purpose of all those tickets being sold is to finance the State’s educational provision. Behind all the Georgia lottery results is an accumulation of around $15.5 billion that has gone into state funding over the last 20 years.

The HOPE scholarship program gives financial assistance to thousands of students who otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to go to college or university. The next time you get the Georgia lottery winning numbers just remember that buying the ticket has helped pay for a better future for someone in the State.

The other area that is funded by the Georgia Lottery, and each ticket sold, is the Pre-K Project that helps four year olds get the experiences that are going to make a difference to their future development.

That’s another reason for everyone to watch the latest Georgia Lottery drawing and celebrate what such a simple idea can achieve and how it can change so many people’s lives for the better. The Georgia lottery results might mean a big win but for many it is so much more.

Realise the Georgia Lottery dream

Winning the Georgia Mega Millions jackpot is just a dream for most of us. We imagine sitting waiting for the draw, clutching that ticket in our hands, only to find we haven’t won. When Gerald Render bought his Georgia Powerball ticket, he probably wasn’t thinking that he’d be the lucky one this time round. It wasn’t until the results came on TV that he suddenly realised he was a multi-millionaire.

They may not have had as many big winners in the Georgia Powerball compared to other areas of the US, but the lotteries are part of the fabric of the State and there aren’t many who haven’t played at least one game.

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