An Introduction to the Indiana Lottery

Also known as the Hoosier Lottery, the Indiana State Lottery results are eagerly anticipated each week and there have been many success stories over the years with some players winning large, life changing amounts of money. But that’s just part of the story. Since it began back in the late 80s, games like the Indiana Powerball lottery have helped to raise over $4 billion for good causes across the State, including buildings and education.


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With a population of 6.5 million people, Indiana lottery history shows that people across the State have taken to participating in a big way. Since 1989, over $9 billion has been paid out to winners with the right Indiana lottery numbers. The lottery has certainly developed over the years and there are now a wide range of games to play from the big money makers to ones with lower pay outs. It also provides important revenue for a large number of registered stores across the state that get bonuses and commission for selling tickets. 

The biggest pay out for Indiana to date was the 2007 Powerball lottery win of $317 million for David Coterel and his family. In the same year Peter Gilbert notched up over $54 million in the Indiana Hoosier Lotto, by far the most successful period for the lottery in the State. In 2011, Indiana residents Darin Fox and Todd Reardon also won the Powerball lottery, sharing an impressive $212 million.

Indiana Lottery Games Whilst the two major games to play in Indiana are the Powerball lottery and Mega Millions, the State offers a whole bunch of ways to win big and change lives. And the important thing is that people can play knowing that, even if they don’t win, they are helping to make Indiana a better place with investment in important areas such as building development, education and health.


Indiana Powerball Lottery

Played by millions across the US, the Powerball lottery is one of the most popular games in the country and the people of Indiana prove no exception. The jackpot for the Powerball lottery starts at $40 million and rolls over every time it is not won, producing some dramatic prizes. The biggest ever jackpot so far has been $590.5 million, won by a woman in Florida, but Indiana has had its fair share of big wins too. 

You have to be over 21 to buy Powerball Lottery tickets. You choose 5 numbers between 1 and 59 and a further Powerball number between 1 and 35. Match all six numbers and you win the Powerball lottery jackpot which starts at $40 million but is often much, much more. The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are around 175 million to 

Draws for the Indiana Powerball lottery results take place twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at around 11pm. Winners of the jackpot can be taken as a lump sum that is less than the advertised amount or a 30 year annuity where you get a certain proportion each year. All winnings are subject to Indiana lottery tax as well as federal taxes. 

You can check all your winning numbers with the new Indiana lottery app that keeps you up to date with all the jackpot results, the minute they happen.


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Lottery24 - Indiana MegaMillions  

Indiana Mega Millions Lottery

Many people who love to play the Powerball lottery also have a go at the Mega Millions game in Indiana, as it offers a similar level of winnings. The jackpot starts off at $15 million and again rolls over when there is no winning ticket. The biggest ever Mega Millions lottery win in the US was back in 2012 when a staggering $656 million was shared between 3 tickets across the country. The biggest win in Indiana for Mega Millions, so far, came in 2011 when five siblings won $46.5 million between them. 

You have to be over the age of 21 to play. You choose five numbers between 1 and 75 and a Mega Ball number between 1 and 15. You can either choose the numbers for the Mega Millions lottery draw yourself or opt for a quick pick where the computer chooses them for you. 

The draws take place on Tuesday and Friday at around 11pm and the odds of winning the jackpot are 258 million to 1. If you are lucky enough to scoop the Indiana Mega Millions lottery jackpot then you can opt to either take it in one lump sum which is less than the advertised amount or choose to have instalments over a 30 year period. All winnings are subject to the Indiana lottery tax and federal taxes, as with other States in the US. 



Indiana Hoosier Lotto

Another popular game for the people of Indiana is the Hoosier Lotto which has produced some big winners over the years. Since 1994 it has dished out over $1 billion in prizes and has produced no less than 115 jackpots. The starting jackpot is a cool million that rolls over until someone wins outright. To fill in the ticket, you select 6 numbers between 1 and 48 which you can do manually or let the computer do it for you with a Quick Pick. Match all six numbers and you win the Indiana Hoosier Lotto jackpot. Draws take place on Wednesday and Saturday nights each week at 10:50 pm. 


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Lottery24 - Indiana Cash 5 Lottery  

Indiana Lottery Cash 5

If you want a daily chance to win big money, the Indiana lottery game Cash 5 may be the one for you. You choose 5 numbers between 1 and 41 with draws every night at 10:50 in the evening. The jackpot for Cash 5 starts at $50,000 and rolls over by a minimum of $5,000 each time the main prize remains open. The chances of winning the Indiana Lottery Cash 5 jackpot is around 758,000 to 1 but prizes can stretch up to a million in no time at all, making it a popular choice for players across the state. 


Indiana Lottery Quick Draw

The Quick Draw game gives you a big chance of winning $2 million with drawers held every Monday through to Saturday. You pick ten numbers between 1 and 80 and the amount you spend dictates how much you win so if you match all 10 numbers with a $5 stake, you are in line for a share of the $2 million jackpot. The odds of winning at least something with the Quick Draw game is as low as 1 in 19 for matching up to five numbers.

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Indiana Lottery Scratch Cards

Playing the big games isn’t the only thing that gets those Indiana lottery players reaching for their wallets. There are plenty of instant win scratch cards now available that can net you big wins from thousands of dollars to a few million. Cards cost anywhere between two and five dollars but can provide good odds on some form of payback.


Indiana Lottery Winners

There’s a history of some big Indiana lottery winners over the years, some bringing home life changing amounts of money, since games started back in 1989. The first Powerball lottery jackpot was won way back in 1992 when Bert Morian suddenly found he had the winning ticket. It’s not just about the big wins though, there are plenty of small prizes won every day that make a difference to people’s lives. 

Lottery24 - The Bolke Family win $93m on the MegaMillions    


The biggest Indiana lottery results to date have been with the Mega Millions and Powerball lottery draws. In 2011 the Bolke family were the recipients of a Mega Millions lottery prize of $46.5 million that certainly made a difference to their lives. Five siblings shared out nearly $6 million each when they elected to go for the lump sum payment. The full jackpot was $93 million and was split with a group of postal workers in Michigan. 



The biggest Powerball winner in Indiana lottery history so far has been David Coterel, a retired mechanic, who netted a staggering $314 million. David and his wife, who have two grown up children, decided to opt for the lump sum pay out which left them with nearly $146 million before the Indiana lottery tax was taken out. The winning ticket was bought at a Speedway Store in Richmond who also received a bonus for selling the jackpot winning numbers. 

Meanwhile the Indiana Hoosier Lotto has produced a few big winners too. In 1998 Wayne Vaught took home $26 million, a record for the time and, in 2007, Peter Gilbert secured an even more creditable $54.4 million with his winning Hoosier Lotto ticket. 


Indiana Lottery Taxes

As with other States, all Indiana lottery wins are subject to tax, both State and federal. Lottery tax rates vary a great deal across the States in the US and Indiana has one of the lowest ones at 3.4%. That means less is taken out of your winnings (normally over $5,000) than anywhere else.

In addition to the Indiana Lottery Tax you will also be liable for federal tax which can all add up. If you win big on the Mega Millions or Powerball lottery in Indiana, you probably won’t be worrying too much about how much tax you pay. You may, however, want to make sure that you contact a financial advisor as soon as you get that check in your hands. In fact, many big winners wait until they have contacted the right people for advice before they even think about collecting their winnings. 


Indiana Lottery History

The Indiana State Lottery began back in the late 80s when legislation was passed to run a number of games, with the proceeds going to good causes. The first scratch cards went on sale in October of 1989 and the State of Indiana hasn’t looked back since. The first big game, Lotto Cash, started in 1990 and the Powerball lottery followed two years later and had its first big winner in Brazil resident Bert Morian.

In 1994, the Hoosier Lotto replaced Lotto Cash and a year later $26 million was won by Wayne Vaught from Trafalgar. By 1995, the Indiana Lottery was beginning to issue scratch cards that had pay outs in excess of a million and towards the end of the millennium a lucky winner from Richmond netted a Powerball lottery jackpot of nearly $300 million.

In 2010, Mega Millions was introduced for the first time in the history of the Indiana lottery and a year later the Bolke family got their big win with a share of $93 million. In 2012, the Indiana lottery history reached a milestone when it broke $4 billion in net income. Over 9 billion dollars has been paid out to winners over the years and almost 1 billion given in retailer commissions. 


Other Indiana Lottery Information

There’s more to the Indiana lottery than just making the winners happy. A large amount of money is raised for good causes in the State with over 4.3 billion dollars making a difference to the people who most need it. A large proportion of the money goes into the State’s Build Indiana Fund that has received over $3 billion since the lottery started back in 1989.

This promotes green building across the State, providing sustainable and eco-friendly buildings and educational infrastructure that make a difference to people’s lives and the future of the region. Other money goes to the Teacher’s Retirement Fund, Police and Firefighter’s Pensions, and a small amount for the Help America Vote initiative. 

Whether you want to try the Powerball lottery or one of the smaller Lotto games, it’s now easier than ever to take part. And if you like the sound of the Indiana State lottery then you can give yourself the chance of winning big with Lottery24.

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Indiana Lottery App

Most of the lottery states in the US are now making big technological advances with the introduction of a mobile lottery app that helps you keep up to date with all the jackpots. You can check the results and also find the nearest lottery retailer to your current location. The Indiana lottery app is available for both iPhone and Android. 

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