An Introduction to the Minnesota Lottery

The Minnesota Lottery was launched in 1989. Ticket sales began on 17th April 1990 for the instant game Match Three, and the newest game to the collection is Minnesota Lucky for Life, which began on 27th January 2014. If you fancy your chances of getting in on the winning, why not play online with Lottery24!


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Minnesota Lottery Games

Minnesota Mega Millions

Minnesota Mega Millions is a big multi-state jackpot game that begins at an incredible $15,000,000 and can grow larger with rollovers. Draws occur every Tuesday and Friday night. Odds of winning the Minnesota Mega Millions jackpot are one in 175.5 million and overall odds of winning any prize are one in 40. Lottery24 has the winning numbers for the draws.

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Minnesota Powerball

Minnesota Powerball is also played twice a week; every Wednesday and Saturday night. Powerball has enormous jackpots starting at $40,000,000 and increasing in the event of a rollover. It is played by choosing five white balls from 1 to 59 and one red Powerball from 1 to 35, or you can opt for a Quick Pick (Lucky Dip) for random numbers.

Odds of winning the Minnesota Powerball jackpot prize are one in 176 million and the overall odds of winning any prize are one in 32. Again, Lottery24 have all the winning numbers for the draws.


Lottery24 - Minnesota Hot Lotto   

Minnesota Hot Lotto

Minnesota Hot Lotto is a multi-state lottery game administered by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), best known for operating Mega Millions and Powerball.

It is drawn Wednesdays and Saturdays by drawing five white balls numbered 1 to 47 and an orange ‘Hot Ball’ from a second pool of 19 numbers.

The minimum Minnesota Hot Lotto jackpot is $1,000,000 which increases by at least $50,000 per rollover. For an extra charge, the Sizzler option triples a Minnesota Hot Lotto non-jackpot prize. Minnesota Hot Lotto sales began on 7th April 2002.


Minnesota All or Nothing

Minnesota All or Nothing launched on 28th January 2014 and is a lotto game with a twist; players choose 12 from 24 numbers and by matching ALL the numbers or NONE of the numbers players can win $100,000.

There are smaller prizes by matching 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 or 11 numbers. Minnesota All or Nothing is the first lotto game in the state with twice-daily drawings and is also played in Iowa. There were seven Minnesota Lottery winners who each won $1,000 through Minnesota All or Nothing on the first day of the game.

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Minnesota Millionaire Raffle Millionaire Raffle is a Minnesota Lottery game with a limited number of tickets and two guaranteed $1,000,000 prizes. Players have until 4th January 2016 to claim prizes.


Gopher 5

Minnesota Lottery’s Gopher 5 is played on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays immediately following the Northstar Cash draw. It draws five numbers between 1 and 47 and jackpots begin at $100,000, increasing until won. The overall odds of winning a Gopher 5 prize are 1 in 12. Win by matching two, three or four numbers or all five to win the jackpot.


Daily 3

Minnesota Daily 3 is a three-digit game with eight different bet-types and is drawn daily. Prices, prizes and options vary.

There is a one in 1,000 chance to win the top prize of $500 and an average of 11 players win $500 every day. Minnesota Lottery’s Daily 3 draws are held at 6.25pm seven days a week.

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North Star Cash

Minnesota North Star Cash is played by picking five numbers from 1 to 31. Win by matching two, three or four numbers or match all five to win the jackpot. Jackpots start at $25,000 and can sometimes grow into the six-digit region. On average, the jackpot is won once a week. Minnesota Lottery’s Northstar Cash draws are held seven days a week, immediately following the Daily 3 draws.


Minnesota Lucky for Life

Minnesota Lucky for Life is the State’s latest lottery game, having launched on 27th January 2015. It offers two lifetime prizes; the top prize is $1,000 a day for life and the second prize is $25,000 a year for life. Both prizes have a 20-year minimum pay-out. Players choose 5 out of 48 numbers, plus 1 number out of 18 for the Lucky Ball. Minnesota Lucky for Life draws are held on Mondays and Thursdays shortly after 9.30pm.


Minnesota Lottery Winners

John Peloquin

While checking his Minnesota lottery Raffle tickets at home in Hugo on 1st January 2015, John Peloquin discovered that the number on one of them matched the number drawn for the 2015 Ford Mustang. Not believing that he’d won the car, Peloquin called out to his wife, who checked the Minnesota lottery ticket and confirmed the numbers match.

Peloquin arrived at Minnesota lottery headquarters the next day to claim his prize. The winning Minnesota Lottery Raffle ticket was bought from Truckers Inn in Hugo.


Paul White

Paul White of Ham Lake became Minnesota Lottery’s 22nd Powerball jackpot winner on 7th August 2013. His ticket, along with two others sold in New Jersey, matched all six winning numbers resulting in a 3-way split of the $448.4 million jackpot.

Paul White wins $149m on the Minnesota Powerball  
White claimed his share of the Minnesota Powerball the following morning. When asked by a reporter during his press conference why he didn’t wait a while to claim the prize, he replied, “I have been waiting my entire life for this day.”

The 45-year-old father of two teenagers, White joked at the press conference announcing his Minnesota Powerball win that there was too much work waiting on his desk for him to leave his job immediately as an engineer.

He had no specific plans for his Minnesota Powerball winnings at that point, only that he’d help his parents, boost some charitable projects and buy a new car.


Happy Huskers

Sixteen Holdingford School co-workers, who called themselves the “Happy Huskers” claimed half of the 25th October 2003 Minnesota Powerball jackpot. The group includes fifteen kitchen workers and one janitor.

Their single Quick Pick (Lucky Dip) ticket matched the winning numbers 6, 17, 45, 47 and 48 and the Powerball number 4 to share the $190.9 million jackpot with a ticket sold in Indiana. Named after the school's mascot, each had been putting a quarter towards four Minnesota Powerball tickets on pay day since 1990. Amongst items on their wish lists were new cars, a Harley-Davidson motorbike, a holiday and paying off a wedding


Paul & Sue Rosenau

On 4th May 2008, the night after the Minnesota Powerball draw, Paul & Sue Rosenau were watching the 10pm news. “We were in our jammies and ready to go to bed,” Paul recalled. However, after realizing that the numbers on their single line Minnesota Powerball Quick Pick (Lucky Dip) ticket matched the winning numbers on the TV screen, their plans rapidly changed.

The couple went to Sue’s work place to use the computer to double check their Minnesota Powerball ticket. The numbers matched all five winning numbers drawn which were 2, 28, 36, 42 and 46 plus the Powerball number (40). Still in doubt, Paul had to triple check the winning Minnesota Powerball numbers again in the newspaper the following morning.

“He was thinking that the numbers were going to change overnight,” teased Sue. “I was checking the paper for an hour,” Paul added. “I was soaking wet just from the nerves.” "It’s something you just never think will happen,” Sue added.

The Rosenaus elected to take the $88 million cash option ($59.6 million after tax withholding). The couple had lived in Waseca for 22 years and had three adult children. Paul was a heavy equipment operator and Sue was a project manager. They planned to remain in Waseca and keep working, despite their huge Minnesota Powerball win.

   Lottery24 - $180m win on the Powerball for Paul Rosenau from Minnesota


Minnesota Lottery Taxes

For every Minnesota Lottery prize worth over $5,000, 32.25% is deducted for federal and state withholding. US Federal law requires the Minnesota Lottery to withhold 25% for federal income tax and Minnesota state law requires that 7.25% be withheld for Minnesota personal income tax.


Minnesota Lottery History

In 1989, the Minnesota Legislature approved, and the Governor signed, Minnesota Statute’s Chapter 349A into law, which officially created the Minnesota Lottery, the 33rd lottery in the USA. Voters approved a constitutional amendment authorising a lottery for Minnesota in November 1988 with 57% of the vote.

Minnesota Lottery ticket sales began on 17th April 1990 with the instant game Match Three. Minnesota Lottery sales on the first day were $5 million and $15 million were sold the first week. After just over two months of operation, the Minnesota Lottery had paid back its start-up loan of $8.5 million.

The Minnesota Lottery is no stranger to new games and concepts. In 1999, it offered Golden Ticket Games, which were a $10 pouch that merged two separate scratch games and each pouch had a guaranteed win of at least $3. G3 games, instant tickets played via the retail terminals, debuted in 2003. In early November 2010, players living in Minnesota could buy subscriptions for all of the Minnesota Lottery’s draw games through the Internet.

On 1st July 2011, the sale of Minnesota lottery tickets was suspended due to a state government shutdown. The shutdown was the result of a disagreement between the Governor and the state legislature and affected a number of different state organisations, including the Minnesota Lottery.

The shutdown lasted for 20 days and an agreement was reached on 20th July. As a result, it was estimated that the state of Minnesota lost more than $6 million from lottery proceeds


Other Minnesota Lottery Information

Where Minnesota Lottery proceeds go

Distribution of Minnesota Lottery proceeds has varied over the years, but there has always been an emphasis on the state’s General Fund and the environment. Currently, the General Fund receives 60% of proceeds while the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund receives 40%.

For every $1 spent on Minnesota lottery tickets, approximately 24¢ goes to the state. Players have helped the Minnesota Lottery raise more than $2.4 billion. The General Fund helps support services like K-12 education, health care, aid to local governments and public safety.

Proceeds have also helped the environment in many ways through the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, the Natural Resources Fund and the Game and Fish Fund. Since inception in 1991, the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund has provided almost $360 million to more than 800 projects around the state. These projects include:


•    A bird atlas, which is a thorough report of bird species in every region of the state.
•    After-school programs run by the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources that provide outdoor, science-based educational opportunities for fourth and fifth grade students.

The Minnesota Lottery also helps to fund Minnesota’s Department of Human Services compulsive gambling program. This helps problem gambling in a variety of ways.



There are approximately 3,100 Minnesota lottery retailers who earn an average of $10,266 each year from Minnesota Lottery sources.

Minnesota lottery retailers have earned more than $594 million in commissions and incentives since the Minnesota Lottery began in 1990. Retailer commission is set by Minnesota law, and amounts to 5.5% of the price of each lottery ticket sold by the retailer and 1% of the amount of each winning Minnesota lottery ticket cashed by the retailer. Retailers can also win up to $50,000 for selling a winning Minnesota lottery jackpot ticket.

The minimum age to purchase Minnesota Lottery tickets is 18.

Minnesota law states that the name, city of residence and the prize amount won is public information. The street address, phone number and social security number are private information and are not released by the Lottery.


Minnesota Lottery results and other information

Minnesota lottery results, Lucky for Life, Mega Millions, Powerball, Hot Lotto, Minnesota lottery winners and Minnesota Lottery past winning numbers can be found at Lottery24. There is also a plethora of more detailed information including winner profiles and statistics.  

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