An Introduction to the Ohio Lottery

Ohio lottery results, winner’s stories, games including the Ohio Powerball and Ohio Mega Millions as well as much more can be found here. Ohioans having been playing lottery games since 1974 and The Ohio Lottery's slogan is "Take a chance on education. Odds are, you'll have fun!" In the Lottery rankings, Ohio now stands 9th in overall sales and 9th in instant game sales and Ohio Lottery results are big news.

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Ohio Lottery Games

Ohioans are now glued to their Ohio lottery results programmes for all the latest in Ohio lottery drawings, Ohio lottery app, Ohio lottery pick 4, Ohio Powerball news, Ohio Mega Millions news and all things lottery.

Some choose Ohio lottery past winning numbers, others choose special numbers and others Quick Picks. Here are the main games played at the moment:

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Ohio Powerball

Sales for the Ohio Powerball began on 16th April 2010. The first Ohio Powerball draw was on 17th April. The first jackpot winning ticket, worth $261.6 million, was drawn on 2nd June the same year.  The ticket, claimed by The 2010 Blind Trust, was sold by Hub Carryout in Sunbury.  There have only been two Ohio Powerball jackpot winners so far.

Ohio Mega Millions

The Ohio Lottery joined the multi-state lottery game, Mega Millions in 2002. It sold its first Ohio Mega Millions ticket on 15th May 2002 and the first drawing was on 17th May. Rebecca Jemison of South Euclid became the first Ohio Mega Millions jackpot winner when she won the $162 million jackpot prize drawn on 30th December 2003. Eric Maxwell of Dayton became the second big Ohio Mega Millions winner, claiming the $20 million jackpot drawn on 2nd March 2004. There have been 17 winning tickets in the Ohio Mega Millions to date.

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Ohio Classic Lotto

The Ohio Classic Lotto began on 22nd January 2007, replacing Lot ‘O Play. Drawings for the Ohio Classic Lotto take place on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings at approximately 7.05 pm. Players select 6 out of 49 numbers and for an extra $1, they can add a KICKER. Jackpots start at $1 million. The jackpots roll based on sales, with a guaranteed increase of $100,000 each time.


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Ohio lottery pick 3

Ohio lottery Pick 3 drawings are held seven days a week, at 12.29pm and 7.29pm, and broadcast state-wide. The Saturday Ohio lottery Pick 3 evening draws take place during the Cash Explosion Double Play television show with Ohio Lottery results.


Ohio lottery pick 4

On 9th April 1981, Ohio lottery Pick 4 was added. It was originally played once a week, gradually expanding to twice-daily and no Ohio lottery Pick 4 Sunday draws.

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Lottery24 - Ohio Pick 5

Ohio lottery pick 5

Pick 5 was added on 12th August 2012 and is played twice It is played much like Pennsylvania's Quinto, in that Pick 5 has straight and box bets.


Rolling Cash 5

The Ohio Lottery released the Rolling Cash 5 lottery on 3rd October 2004. The first drawing was held the next day with jackpots starting at $100,000 and increasing by at least $10,000. This game replaced Buckeye 5.

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Keno is played in store at Ohio Lottery retailers who have a monitor. Keno was initially limited to places with a liquor license allowing the consumption of alcohol on the premises, therefore making it available mostly in restaurants and bars. Keno to Go was added on 9th April 2012, allowing players to buy tickets at any Ohio Lottery retailer. Drawings are four minutes apart and the minimum play is $1.

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EZPLAY games are instant games generated through lottery terminals. Each game ticket is generated at the time of purchase with a set of numbers or symbols on it. Players simply match their numbers/symbols to see if they won. All EZPLAY game tickets include the date and time printed on the ticket, and winning tickets are validated through the lottery terminal just like any other Ohio Lottery game.

Ohio Lottery Winners

The 2010 Blind Trust

The first Ohio Powerball jackpot winner since the state joined Powerball, and the eighth biggest Powerball jackpot to date was claimed by Attorney George M. Hoffman of Columbus on behalf of the 2010 Blind Trust at Lottery offices in Cleveland. The jackpot was $261.6 million but the ticket holder chose the cash option, estimated at $134.9 million.

Ohio lottery taxes totalling 31% were deducted from the lump sum payment. The winning numbers for this Ohio Powerball jackpot were 4, 9, 14, 39 and 43 with the Powerball of 38. The owner of Hub Carry Out in Sunbury was presented with a cheque for $100,000 for selling the winning ticket. Clerk Rose Ong said that these Ohio Lottery results gave her a “wonderful” feeling and that the store didn’t know who the winner was.

Regina Jackson

Regina Jackson won $1 million in the 2013 Ohio Lottery New Year's Raffle and famously said she would buy a truck load of toilet paper with it. She wanted to give back to Reach Out Lakota, a non-profit organisation that gives food, clothing and necessities to needy Butler County, Ohio, residents. She explained how she and her mother benefited from the charity, but missed having a few ‘luxuries’. "At Reach Out Lakota, you only get two rolls of toilet paper and a roll of paper towels (monthly). If I could buy them a truckload I would, but I will just donate them money instead." Jackson is divorced and has one son, Robert. She also planned to give some money to the Faith Community United Methodist Church in West Chester, which had also helped her.

Lottery24 - Deborah McDonald wins $8000 on Ohio Cash Explosion Double Play

Deborah McDonald

Not all Ohio Lottery results end in happy stories. Deborah McDonald had been out celebrating her lottery winnings at a north-central Ohio bar in January 2010. Soon after she left the bar near Sandusky, she was hit by a car as she was walking along a road. McDonald had won $8,000 in the lottery's TV game show "Cash Explosion Double Play."

Grumpy Grandpa Get & Go Food

The Ohio Classic Lotto ended a two and a half year stretch of no jackpot wins in June 2014, when one ticket hauled in a $73.3 million jackpot. The Ohio Lottery results for this game were 3, 8, 26, 28, 34, and 35 and the Kicker was 103479, and it was the first Classic Lotto winner since 7th December 2011. Grumpy Grandpa Get & Go Food in Ashtabula was the store where the ticket was sold.

Edward Hairston

Edward Hairston began legal action against his 22 co-workers at KraftMaid for what he claimed was his share of a $99 million Ohio lottery numbers prize won on 5th August 2011. Hairston claimed in a lawsuit that he participated in the office Ohio Mega Millions lottery pool for eight years with his colleagues, until a back injury put him out of work for three months. Apparently Edward Hairston and the 22 defendants came to an agreement in January 2012, but did not disclose the terms of the settlement.

The Lucky Thirteen Plus One

Two jackpot-winning tickets claimed the $97 million Powerball drawing held 23rd June 2010. Known collectively as “The Lucky Thirteen Plus One,” after these particular Ohio Lottery results, a pool of 14 workers from a Chrysler plant paint shop in Detroit bought their Ohio Powerball ticket from Shirley’s Carryout in Curtic who received a $48,500 retailer bonus. The winning numbers were 11, 30, 45, 47 and 48 and the Powerball was 10. The Power Play multiplier was 3. The group chose the cash option of approximately $25.1 million and after Ohio lottery taxes, each winner received a cheque for $1.2 million. Bill Shanteau, spokesperson and buyer of the winning Ohio Powerball ticket, said he had dreamt of the win the night before. When he took the ticket back to Shirley’s Carryout to verify the Ohio Powerball numbers, he said that "bells and whistles went off," just like the alarm clock that woke him from the dream.


Ohio Lottery Taxes

Ohio lottery taxes: wins are subject to 25% federal tax and 4% Ohio state tax.
All tickets must be cashed within 180 days of the drawing date, or 180 days from game closing (instant tickets).

Many people also use an Ohio lottery app for winning numbers and results. The official Ohio lottery app shows past winning numbers, retailer info and all manner of Ohio lottery related information. There are apps available for Android and iPhone.


Ohio Lottery History

The Ohio Lottery Commission was formed in May 1973 and the first tickets went on sale in August 1974. In 1974 Buckeye 300 was the first lottery game played in the state and 59 year old Omar Watts was the first Ohio Lottery millionaire; not a bad return from a 50 cent ticket.

It was on 16th August 1999 that midday Ohio lottery drawings began and not until 20th May 2007 that Ohio lottery drawings took place on Sundays.

Over the years, the Ohio Lottery Commission has added new games, new ways to play, different ways to get the Ohio Lottery results and extra bonuses to games. For example, in 1999 the lottery ran its first Pick 3 Red Ball promotion, where Ohio Pick 3 winners gained a prize boost of about 20% when the "red ball" was drawn after the Ohio Pick 3 drawing.

The Play it Again feature for drawn games was added on 3rd October 2004 which allowed retailers to create a new ticket with identical betting information from another ticket by scanning its barcode.

In 2005 a new lotto game, Lot 'O Play was added to replace Super Lotto Plus. With 12 ways to win, Lot 'O Play was the first game of its kind in the US.

A Raffle to Riches drawing took place on 4th September 2006. It sold 500,000 tickets during August and September and 509 winning raffle ticket numbers were drawn, with four top prizes of $1 million.

The Ohio Lottery launched another new game on 4th August 2007 called Ten-Oh!. Players could choose 10 numbers out of 80 and the Lottery would choose another 20 numbers. Players would win by matching 5 to 10 numbers or no numbers at all.

The first New Year's Raffle was held on 31st December 2007. It included four $1 million prizes, two $100,000 cash prizes, 500 prizes of $500 and 5,500 instant win prizes of $100.

EZPLAY Games were launched in 2008. These are instant play games that are printed off from a Lottery terminal, and made their debut on 14th April with the release of $1 Tic Tac Toe and $2 Bingo games. 

Keno was also introduced in 2008, played in bars, clubs and other premises that met specific requirements to sell the game.  Players can win up to $100,000 on a $1 bet, matching up to 10 of their numbers to 20 winning numbers drawn from a pool of 80. 12 other states at this time were also selling Keno.

On 9th April 2012 the Lottery allowed all licensed lottery retailers to sell KENO.
In 2013 the Lottery introduced Perfect Game 300, which was the Ohio Lottery’s first EZPLAY game with a progressive jackpot. Tickets were sold for $2 and jackpots started at $2,500.


Other Ohio Lottery Information

Supporting education 

In July 1983, the Ohio Legislature earmarked lottery profits for education and in November 1987, voters approved a constitutional amendment to permanently earmark lottery profits for education. The Lottery Profits Education Fund was passed in March 1988 which allowed for a clear separation of Lottery revenue from the State's General Revenue Fund.

Since 1974, the Ohio Lottery Commission has provided over $19 billion to public education which is about 4% of the actual funding needed, with programs such as "Best of the Class which recognizes outstanding high school graduates, Academic All-Stars for pre-college students and Teacher of the Month.

Another program is Buckeye Boys/Girls State which provides students entering their senior year of high school hands-on experience in the operation of a city and its government.

Lottery funded food programs

Operation Feed Campaign is a state-wide food drive which supports food banks in Ohio. Employees donate non-perishable food items to regional food banks during November and December.

Harvest for Hunger is a similar scheme in Northern Ohio which runs throughout March.


Ohio has more than 9,000 retailers selling lottery products, including chain retailers and independent stores. Over 1,400 are also Keno monitor locations. Keno is based on a game that was played during the Han Dynasty in China around 200 BC. It was originally limited to retailers with a liquor license allowing consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises, therefore limited mostly to restaurants and bars. Retailers also have the ability to check Ohio lottery numbers, Ohio lottery drawings, Ohio Lottery results and verify tickets. Lottery retailers received $153.4 million in commissions and bonuses in 2010.

Ohio lottery sales

In 2013 Ohio lottery sales topped $2,697.9 million, $1,428 million of which was from instant games. Pick 3 sales were $345.2 million, Ohio Mega Millions $102.8 million and Ohio Powerball $166.6 million. Ohio Powerball sales when it began in 2010 were just $23.6 million.

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