An Introduction to the Oregon Lottery

Oregon became the 33rd US state on 14th February 1859 and is now the 9th largest and 27th most populous in the country. Oregonians began playing lottery games in 1985 after a vote the previous year and has since paid out over $20 billion in prizes. The Oregon Lottery is also the state’s second largest funding source after personal income tax and has contributed over $9 billion to state funding. About 61% of the Beaver State’s population have participated in some kind of gaming at least once. If you fancy your chances of getting in on the winning, why not play online with us at


Oregon Lottery Games

Oregon Mega Millions

On 30th March 2010 the Oregon Lottery introduced a new multistate game, Mega Millions. The big lottery game begins with an incredible $15,000,000 jackpot which can grow larger with rollovers. Draws occur every Tuesday and Friday night. Odds of winning the Oregon Mega Millions jackpot are one in 175.5 million and overall odds of winning any prize are one in 40.

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Mark and Lisa Schmidt became the Oregon Lottery’s first $1 million Mega Millions prize winners on 22nd July 2014. You can find the winning Oregon Mega Millions numbers on


Oregon Powerball

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In 1988 Oregon helped launch Lotto America, which went on to become Powerball in 1992. Oregon Powerball is played twice a week; every Wednesday and Saturday night. Powerball has enormous jackpots starting at $40,000,000 and increasing in the event of a rollover. 

It is played by choosing five white balls from 1 to 59 and one red Powerball from 1 to 35, or you can opt for a Quick Pick (Lucky Dip) for random numbers. Odds of winning the Oregon Powerball jackpot prize are one in 176 million and the overall odds of winning any prize are one in 32. Again you can find all the winning numbers on

Oregon’s Game Megabucks

In 1985, Oregon’s Game Megabucks was introduced and in 1990 it became the first US lottery game to give players a choice of a lump sum or annuity, should they win the jackpot.

It is played every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening by drawing six numbers from a set of 48.

The Oregon’s Game Megabucks jackpots start at $1 million and grow in the event of a rollover. So far, over 240 millionaires have been made. The odds of winning the first prize jackpot are one in 12,271,512.



Oregon Lottery’s Keno is a simple game that's played with numbers from 1 to 80. In each game, 20 from the 80 numbers are randomly selected and the amount you win depends on how many are correctly matched. There is a new Keno game every 4 minutes, giving 322 chances to play Keno every day.

The regular Keno prize structure offers up to 7 different prize levels within a game. Special Keno offers larger top prizes, but fewer small prizes each game.


Win For Life

Oregon Lottery’s Win for Life was introduced in 2001 and draws are held on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings. This is a 4/77 game, meaning that players select 4 numbers from a possible 77. A computer-driven random number generator selects 4 and a winning ticket means $1,000 a week for the rest of your life! Odds of winning are 1:1,353,275.


Oregon Lottery Winners

Daniel Gannon

Dan Gannon and his wife, Candace, stopped at a Safeway store on their way out for a meal and spent $5 on Powerball tickets for the draw on 17th March 2007. The 60-year-old Portland General Electric employee who had told a relative he didn't know if he'd ever retire, then claimed the electrifying $182.7 million Oregon Powerball jackpot.

Gannon had talked to an attorney and a financial adviser before claiming his prize, and was apparently "very calm" during his visit. He realised that he’d won on the Sunday morning when he checked the winning number in the newspaper. "He handed the ticket to his wife and said, "We won 182 million and she said, 'No way.' Then he read the numbers to her while she checked the ticket," an Oregon Lottery official said. The Safeway store received a $100,000 bonus for selling the ticket.


Chaney & West Families

Frances Chaney (68) bought $40 worth of Oregon Powerball tickets on behalf of herself, her husband Robert (72) and their daughter and son-in-law, Carolyn and Steve West for the draw on 19th October 2005. Little did she know that they would be sharing the jackpot of a mighty $340 million, the biggest in Oregon at the time. The winning numbers from the ticket Frances bought at Ray’s Food Place, Jacksonville, southwest Oregon were 7, 21, 43, 44, 49 and a Powerball of 29. The family opted for the cash payout which amounted to $164,410,058 million which in turn was around $110 million after taxes. Robert and Frances Chaney received $34,102,514, Steve and Carolyn $39,352,514, but other family members also benefited from the win.

A year on, Steve and Carolyn West moved to a beautiful house in grounds of six acres, complete with swimming pool, Jacuzzi and massive water slide. Steve built an exceptionally large greenhouse to grow orchids and other tropical plants. They also bought cars and took their family to Europe for a long holiday.

The Chaney’s bought a French style country house near their daughter’s new home and Robert bought a yellow Hummer just days after hearing of his Oregon Powerball win. Tragically, he didn’t get to drive his dream car as he died on 2nd October 2006 after a series of falls.

Since winning, Steve and Carolyn West with Francis Chaney established the Robert & Frances Chaney Family Foundation for poor children and families in Southern Oregon. “We’d been in some of those situations ourselves before the lottery,” Carolyn West said. “We just want to give back. We don’t expect anything in return”.


Liz and Deryle House

Deryle House was a retired Marine, and after his two years of unemployment benefits had ran out, he and his wife, Liz, were just scraping by. However, things got drastically better in September 2010 when they became Medford's first winners in the Oregon Win for Life game. It was just in time for the couple's first wedding anniversary on 19th September and meant $1,000 a-week-for-life from the Oregon lottery.

There is an array of otherwinners stories to be read on

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Oregon Lottery Taxes

For Oregon Lottery prizes over $5,000, 25% is withheld for federal taxes and 8% for state income taxes. Winners of an Oregon Lottery are advised to consult a tax advisor if they are lucky enough to triumph.


Oregon Lottery History

The Oregon Lottery was approved with a majority of 66% by voters in the 1984 general election. On 25th April 1985 the Oregon Lottery issued its first scratch card game and in November of that year, Oregon’s Game Megabucks followed as the first lottery draw game in the state. Daily 4 followed in March 1987 and Lotto America sales began in February 1988.

On 6th September 1989 the Oregon Lottery introduced Sports Action. This game was based on the outcome of National Football League (NFL) games and was the first successful sports betting game offered by any US lottery. Revenue from this was used to provide funding to intercollegiate athletics in Oregon. A second American football game, Scoreboard, was introduced in 2003 but games based on the results of sporting events ended in January 2007 after a change in the law.


Other Oregon Lottery Information

Where Oregon Lottery proceeds go:

• Job Creation & Economic Development. When the Oregon Lottery began in 1984 the state was in desperate need of an economic kick-start and authorised lottery profits to help fund economic development. Now over a quarter of lottery funds help with job creation and economic development in industries such as manufacturing, computing, fisheries, agriculture, solar, medical, tourism and small businesses.

• Education. In 1995 Oregonians passed an amendment directing lottery profits to help fund public education. Over half now goes towards Oregon’s K-12 public schools, colleges and universities, helping to fund things including buildings, text books, equipment, academic scholarships and intercollegiate athletics.

• State Parks. Oregon Lottery profits help to support all 241 of Oregon’s State Parks, including Cottonwood Canyon State Park, a new 8,000 acre state park; the Oregon State Fair and 190 yurts in parks from Wallowa Lake to Harris Beach. 

• Watershed Enhancement. Lottery profits also help create and maintain healthy watersheds across the state, making it as hospitable to fish and wildlife as it is to people. A new forest has been planted in Gilchrist; a land preservation agreement was secured on the Salmon River Estuary and 12 different projects have improved stream channels and restored vegetation along 14 miles of McKay Creek.

Oregon Lottery also gives about 1% of lottery proceeds towards problem gambling prevention and various treatment programs. This funding helps to educate the public about the risks associated with gambling and also aims to improve the awareness of free treatment and recovery services available in the State.


The Oregon lottery has a network of 3,848 retailers who between them have over 12,000 lottery terminals and they all benefit from being part of the lottery. They earn a commission for selling tickets and also a bonus for selling winning tickets. The maximum paid out is $100,000.

According to Oregon Lottery’s financial statement for the 2012-13 year, retailer commissions for all games amounted to $204.9 million. The top four retailers in Oregon sell over $1.5 million in lottery tickets annually.

62% of Oregon lottery sales is spent playing video games and the remaining 28% is spent playing traditional games: scratch cards, Keno, Powerball and Oregon’s Game Megabucks. 

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