An Introduction to the Pennsylvania Lottery

Here you will find everything you need to know about the Pennsylvania lottery including Pennsylvania lottery results, Pennsylvania lottery winning numbers, the Pennsylvania lottery history, Pennsylvania lottery drawings and the games played in the state including Cash 5, Pennsylvania lottery Powerball and Pennsylvania lottery Mega Millions.


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Pennsylvania Lottery Games

Big 4

On 22nd November 1980 Big 4 joined the Pennsylvania Lottery’s line-up. Originally the Big 4 featured a single live weekly draw, but it eventually expanded to seven nights a week.

The first quad was drawn in Big 4 on 3rd November 1989 when 7, 7, 7 and 7 were drawn.

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Cash 5 

The Pennsylvania Lottery introduced its longest-running jackpot game, Cash 5, on 23rd April 1992. When the game first began players would select five numbers from 1 to 39 for a chance to win the cash jackpot which started at $100,000. Cash 5 was originally a weekly game and became a nightly draw in 1998. The 24th March 2002 saw a very rare event when one of the balls cracked during the live Pennsylvania lottery drawing.

It resulted in the lottery drawing a second set of balls and then paying out on both sets of winning numbers.

The first update to Cash 5 since the game’s introduction was made in February 2008. Players could select five numbers from 1 to 43, and the jackpot began at $125,000. Players could choose their own numbers or quick picks, also known as lucky dips. The odds of winning the Cash 5 jackpot are 1 in 962,598 and the overall odds of winning any Cash 5 prize are 1 in 10.51.


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The Pennsylvania lottery daily number

With the Pennsylvania lottery daily number game, players pick any three digit number using 0 to 9 or select the Quick Pick option for randomly selected numbers (lucky dip). Players then choose their bet type from: Straight, Box, Straight Box, Super Straight, Front Pair, Back Pair.

The last thing is to select the amount of money to bet on each Daily Number game ($.50 or $1.00). This game is played twice a day, seven days a week. The Pennsylvania lottery daily number draws can be watched on TV.  



Match 6 Lotto 

Tickets for the Pennsylvania Lottery’s terminal based game, Match 6 Lotto, first went on sale on 28th January 2004 and its first draw was held two days later.

Players select their first set of six numbers from 1 to 49, and a computer selects two more random sets of six numbers: 18 numbers in total. There are four opportunities to win per ticket: once on each of the three lines and again by combining all 18 numbers, and the starting jackpot is $500,000. On 1st May 2007 a broken ball was discovered in a routine check after the Pennsylvania lottery drawing and the Lottery Commission conducted a second Match 6 Lotto draw, paying out on two sets of winning numbers.



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Millionaire Raffle

The Pennsylvania Lottery kicked off sales for its Millionaire Raffle on 22nd November 2005, and it became the first raffle-style Lottery game in the nation. The game sold 500,000 tickets and four guaranteed $1 million top prizes. Tickets sold out in less than two weeks for the inaugural Millionaire Raffle.


Quinto was a new game released on 26th August 2008. With midday and evening drawings, the top prize for a straight bet matching all five winning Quinto Lottery numbers in the exact order drawn is $50,000. Animations of the Pennsylvania lottery drawings for Quinto are shown online.

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Treasure Hunt

On 8th May 2007 a midday game known as Treasure Hunt debuted. Each Treasure Hunt game costs $1 and players select five numbers from 1 to 30. Matching four numbers wins $100; three numbers wins $6 and two numbers $1. If all five numbers match the jackpot of a minimum of $10,000 is won. If more than one ticket matches those numbers, the jackpot is divided equally among all winning ticket holders.


Pennsylvania lottery Powerball

The Pennsylvania Lottery launched sales for Powerball, a multi-state jackpot game, on 27th June 2002. On 14th September 2002, less than three months later, Pennsylvania lottery Powerball had its first jackpot winner when Edward Varley of Hatfield, Montgomery County, split the prize with a winner in Indiana and took home $30.8 million in cash.

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Pennsylvania lottery Mega Millions

Sales for Pennsylvania lottery Mega millions, a second multi-state jackpot game, began in Pennsylvania on 31st January 2010. In the first draw on 2nd February 2010 a Pennsylvanian player won a second-tier prize winner of $250,000.



Pennsylvania Lottery Winners

Edward Varley

Edward Varley was a 74-year-old bachelor from Montgomery County when he became the first Pennsylvania lottery Powerball jackpot winner in the state on 14th September 2002. His winning numbers were 5, 14, 26, 31 and 40 and the Powerball number was 29.  

Varley was a soft-spoken man, devoted to his younger sister and her children and planned to share his winnings with them. He waited 66 days before the lottery announced his $30.8 million cash win. Varley beat odds of 80 million to one!

Scott and Marian Calligan

Scott and Marian Calligan of Cranberry won a massive $73,641,790.05 in the Pennsylvania lottery Powerball game on 9th July 2003.

As they watched the Pennsylvania lottery results on TV, Scott said "We just looked at the ticket. We looked at the TV", and put the ticket under their bed! The couple opted for the lump sum rather than the 30 year $130.6 million annuity.

Jim Lash, owner of the 7-Eleven store in their home town where Calligan bought the winning ticket, received a $400,000 bonus for selling the ticket.



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Lottery24 - Lisa Ensor wins $60m on the Powerball in Pennsylvania


Lisa Ensor

 Lisa Ensor had a life changing experience on New Year's Day 2004. The 42-year-old was checking the Pennsylvania lottery results on the 60 Powerball tickets she had bought the day before at a Rutter's Farm Store in Springettsbury Township, when one of the tickets turned out to be a jackpot winner, pocketing her a mind blowing $60,149,751.49 cash prize.

Her fiancé, Dale Finkenbiner, accepted the prize money at Lottery headquarters in Middletown with her and Rutter’s received a $400,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.


Steven and Kristine White

Steve and Kristine White won a cash prize of $110.2 million when they picked the winning numbers 3, 9, 17, 37, 43 and 39 and Powerball number 4 for the draw on 8th May 2004.  At the time, Steve (40) was a vice president of sales and marketing and Kristine (39) was a nurse. Steve bought the ticket at the Cumberland Farms store in Bucks County, northeast of Philadelphia, and the store received a $400,000 bonus for selling the winning jackpot ticket.

The store planned to donate $40,000 to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), $40,000 to Making Strides (walks for breast cancer research) and bonuses for the store’s employees. Three match-five tickets also were sold in Pennsylvania for that

Jim and Tom Hare

Brothers Jim and Tom Hare had the sole winning ticket matching all five balls, 1, 16, 30, 32 and 39 and the Powerball 2, in the Pennsylvania lottery results draw on 29th May 2004.

"I'm the Lottery player," Jim Hare said. "I always buy the tickets, but of course, I share them with my brother. We play all the Pennsylvania Lottery games, including the new Match 6 lotto.  Jim bought their ticket at the University Deli in Philadelphia. The Lottery retailer is located close to their business, Hare Brothers Printing and received a $260,000.

Ronald Flickinger

Ronald Flickinger of Somerset in Pennsylvania was disappointed one Monday as he fed his four Cash 5 lottery tickets into the reader. They read “Not a winner”, followed by “Not a winner”. The third time, “Congratulations,” said the machine in bright lights, “You won $1.”

Ronald, known to friends as “Flicky”, thought congratulations weren’t really necessary for a $1 prize and fed in his last ticket.

“Congratulations,” the machine said again, however it was a little more convincing when it read “You won $1,570,330.”

Flickinger and his wife Donna became the biggest single winners ever of a Cash 5 jackpot since the game began back in 1992. They planned to give some to St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, some to their three grown children and take a holiday. Flicky’s winning numbers were 5, 17, 25, 31 and 37 and were a quick-pick (lucky dip) selected by the computer.


Pennsylvania Lottery Taxes

Pennsylvania Lottery prizes are not subject to state or local taxes for residents of the state. However, Federal tax law requires the Pennsylvania Lottery to withhold 25% in federal taxes from prizes over $5,000.

Pennsylvania Lottery retailers can pay out lottery prizes up to and including $2,500. Players who win more than $600 on a single ticket need to complete a claim form and send it to the Pennsylvania Lottery headquarters. Certain winner information is public under Pennsylvania’s ‘Right-to-Know’ law. Its policy also allows publishing of the following information on its website: name of the winner(s), place of residence, name of game won, date of win and the prize amount.


Pennsylvania Lottery History

The Pennsylvania Lottery has a long history, having been created on 26th August 1971 with the enactment of Act 91. Proceeds were initially targeted to provide property tax relief for the elderly in Pennsylvania. On 7th March the following year it premiered with a 50-cent ticket featuring weekly draws and a grand prize of $1 million.

A great success, the new Pennsylvania Lottery created four winners of $1 million in the first six months. Even more impressive was that $57.7 million was generated by the end of the first financial year which was almost double the original projection of $30 million.

In 1973 the Pennsylvania Lottery expanded to three weekly games with the addition of two new $1 games; Winner’s Choice and Lucky 7. The Daily Number, the first of the Lottery’s numbers games, debuted on 1st March 1977. Players would select their own three-digit number and watch the Pennsylvania lottery results live on TV. The Pennsylvania Lottery’s first lotto-style game, Pennsylvania Lotto, began on 16th April 1982 and created 400 millionaires during its five-and-a-half year run.

Super 7, the first lottery game of its type in the nation, began on 14th August 1986. Players matched seven of the 11 winning numbers to win the jackpot, which started at $2 million. In 1988 The Pennsylvania Lottery ended a successful run for the Pennsylvania Lotto game, replacing it with Wild Card Lotto. Players would choose six numbers from 1 to 48 for a chance to win the jackpot.


Other Pennsylvania Lottery Information

Where the money goes

62% of revenue goes towards prizes, 29% to benefit programs, 7% by way of retailer commissions and 2% is in operating expenses.

Supporting senior citizens

The Pennsylvania Lottery is the only state Lottery that gives all of its proceeds to programs to benefit older residents.  On 10th June 1997 Pennsylvania Lottery’s total historical contributions to programs benefitting older Pennsylvanians reached a staggering $10 billion. To date, the Pennsylvania Lottery has contributed over $23.7 billion to programs which include: free and reduced fare transport, low-cost prescription drugs, property tax/rent rebates, long-term living services and senior centres.

VIP Players Club

The Pennsylvania Lottery offers a VIP Players’ Club for special Lottery offers and coupons for Pennsylvanian Lottery games. It also offers customized emails and text messages with Lottery winning numbers results.

Many people also use a Pennsylvania lottery app to find out the winning numbers and results. The apps are available for iPhone and Android. Lotto Angel is solely a Pennsylvania lottery app but there are many for the state wide games.


The Pennsylvania Lottery has developed innovative ways to promote its lottery games over the last forty odd years. For example, on 10th July 2003 they introduced The Golden Opportunities Challenge. This new Pennsylvania Lottery program – the first of its kind in the US– encouraged businesses in to buying Lottery tickets to increase employees’ productivity as rewards for jobs done well.

On 19th May 2004 The Pennsylvania Lottery became the first state to install self-service units that sold instant tickets and terminal-based games when it unveiled its Player Activated Terminals (PATs).

On the Pennsylvania Lottery’s 15th anniversary in 1987, Saturday Spin, a televised wheel-spin game, made its debut. Every week, five finalists were selected from those who sent in a redeemed free ticket. They had the chance to win $50,000, $100,000 or a $1 million annuity.


In September 2008 The Pennsylvania Lottery hosted an annual conference for the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL), where Lottery representatives and retailers from all over North America met in Philadelphia to share achievements, experiences and opportunities in the lottery field. The theme of the conference was “Revolutionary Thinking.” 

The 8,000 plus lottery retailers in Pennsylvania receive 5% in commission on every ticket sold, which can result in great windfalls for them too. They can also check tickets for all Pennsylvania lottery results. Stores that sell tickets resulting in Pennsylvania lottery winning numbers see an increase in customers.

Pennsylvania lottery sales

The Pennsylvania Lottery set a new high for sales in the 2012-13 fiscal year of $3.7 billion, when it passed the $3.48 billion record set the previous year by $219 million. It was the third year running that the Lottery set a record in sales. Instant games accounted for 62.3% of sales. 13.1% were from multi state games of which 10.8% were Pennsylvania Lottery Powerball, and about 2.2% from Pennsylvania Lottery Mega Millions.

Current Jackpots