An Introduction to the Washington Lottery

With a population of over 6 million, the Washington lottery has been in place since it was passed through legislature in the eighties. Apart from the Mega Ball and Washington Powerball lottery, it offers a wide range of other ways to win big with innovative games such as Keno, Hit 5 and various scratch cards that can be purchased at any number of the registered stores in the State. 



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There are a number of games you can play from the Washington Powerball lottery which can win you millions down to the smaller games like The Daily Game which has lower odds and a pay out maximum of $500. Tickets can be purchased from a wide range of retailers across the State from gas stations to 7-Eleven stores and restaurants and bars.

For winners of the Washington lottery there is the chance to take either a lump sum, which is lower than the advertised jackpot amount, or you can opt to have 26 yearly instalments. Most people tend to opt for the lump sum which is also subject to state and federal taxes.


Washington Lottery Games

Lottery24- Washington Powerball     

Washington Powerball Lottery

The Powerball lottery in Washington State runs along the same lines as those in other parts of the US. Pay outs for the jackpot can reach into the multi-millions but the odds of taking the top prize are about 1 in 175 million. To play you need to pick five numbers between 1 and 59 as well as your Powerball number between 1 and 35. To win the jackpot you have to match all numbers for the draw in question.

Since the Powerball lottery began there have been no less than 57 jackpot winners across 26 states. Washington is yet to land the big Powerball prize, though it can only be a matter of time until it does.

The largest win for the Powerball was in 2013 when a single winner from Florida netted the $590 million prize.

Draws for the Washington Powerball lottery are held on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 7:59pm Pacific Time.


Washington Lottery Mega Millions

The Mega Millions lottery game has been running since 2002 in Washington and the jackpot starts at $15 million and continues to grow until someone wins it outright. The odds of winning that are a staggering 1 in 259 million but that doesn’t stop Washington’s casual gamblers coming out to buy their tickets on a weekly basis.

To play you choose five numbers between 1 and 75 as well as a single Mega Ball number between 1 and 15. Draws are held on Tuesday and Friday nights at 8pm Pacific Time.

There have been some large Mega Millions lottery wins in Washington so far. In 2006 an Olympia couple netted a healthy $55 million and in 2011 Jim and Carolyn McCullar shared the $380 million jackpot with a ticket holder in Idaho. All jackpot winnings are liable for Washington lottery tax.



Lottery24 - Washington Powerball

Lottery24 - Washington Lottery


Washington Lotto

The State’s flagship game, known simply as the Washington Lotto, has been operating since 1984 and has since paid out over $1 billion in prizes. The odds of winning the jackpot are 69 million to 1 and the top prize starts at $1 million and continues to roll over until it is won outright. It costs $1 for 2 plays and you choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49.

Draws for the Lotto are held every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday night at 8pm Pacific Time.


Other Games and Washington Lottery Results

Whilst the Washington Powerball Lottery may well be the big dream for many of the State’s players, there are other games that can provide a life changing amount of money.

The Washington Hit 5 game has jackpots starting at $100,000 which continue to grow until a winner is found. To play the Washington lottery Hit 5 game you need to select 5 numbers between 1 and 39 and the odds of matching all 5 is in the region of 576 thousand to one. Draws are held on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8pm Pacific Time.

There are also various daily games such as the Washington Match 4 and Keno which offer prizes from 10,000 to £500,000. The lowest lottery pay-out is in The Daily Game that has odds of a thousand to one for a $500 jackpot. You can also go for instant wins with a variety of scratch cards produced by the lottery commission including Liberty Bills and Big Foot Bingo that have prizes ranging from hundreds of dollars to millions.

You can keep up to date with all your numbers by downloading the Washington lottery app that gives all the winning draw results as soon as they are made.


Washington Lottery Winners

Although it has a small population compared to other states, Washington lottery results have managed to produce the odd big winner here and there. It seems Mega Millions has been the most successful with no less than three big winners in the past.

In 2002, Washington couple Pat and Dick Warren bagged the $93 million jackpot and decided to take the amount in a lump sum which would see them getting around $34 million after Washington lottery taxes.

In 2006, Sommay Rattanakone and his wife won $55 million when they matched all the numbers for the Washington lottery Mega Millions draw. Sommay had just got home from a hard day’s work and was going to take a nap when his wife screamed that they had won big.

For the couple in their 50s, the windfall meant they could retire early and maybe help out those less fortunate than themselves. Sommay and his wife Xia were originally from Laos. Xia was orphaned at an early age and has often thought about going back to her homeland to find her other family. Now their big win on the Mega Millions lottery will enable them both to do that.

   Lottery24 - Sommay Rattanakone from Washington wins $55m on the Mega Millions

In 2011, Jim and Carolyn McCullar couldn’t believe it when they shared the lottery prize for the Mega Millions draw and discovered they were the biggest winners in Washington State so far, grabbing a share of a $380 million prize. At first, Carolyn thought her husband was having a heart attack and was about to call the emergency services until she realised he was just ecstatic about being a multi-millionaire. McCullar said that, while he planned to do some travelling, his main aim was to make sure there was a legacy for all his family and their children to take advantage of for the foreseeable future.

It may be the big Washington lottery results that make the front pages of the news and media, but almost every day someone is having their life changed with a substantial win on the various draws that take place in the State. Kandace Jones recently popped into the Maverick Gas Station in Richland, only to find out a little later that she was a cool $1 million better off.

Carrie Cunien picked up $70,000 at Amery and Shane Chase found $50,000 in Redmond. It seems that everywhere over the State, the lottery results are providing Washington residents with a comfortable sum of money.


Washington Lottery Taxes

When those Washington lottery results come in and you find that you have the winning ticket, then your first thought probably won’t be about how much tax you have to pay. As with all States, winnings are liable for Washington lottery tax – if you win more than $600 then your details are forwarded to the IRS and if you win over $5000 then taxes will be withheld automatically by the State.


Washington Lottery History

When legislation was passed in 1982 there was a recession on so government officials were reluctant to make the proceeds from the lottery solely available for education as in other states within the US.

Governor John Spellman therefore put a bill before the legislature that would see money raised going to a general fund that would not only support schools but a wider range of programs and government initiatives. The first lottery draw game in Washington history was introduced in 1984 and was called Triple Choice.

It wasn’t until 2000 that new legislation was brought in that put the money raised by the Washington lottery results into a Student Achievement Fund and Education Construction Fund. During the history of the Washington lottery over $3 billion has been raised to help fund state programs and, in recent years, $349 million has been collected to provide educational grants for those unable to afford college education.

In 2002, Governor Gary Locke passed through legislation that would include developing the Mega Millions game in the State and in 2009 the Washington Powerball lottery also became available to players, providing big pay outs and the chance to become multi-millionaires for all ticket holders.

The Washington lottery results are also big business for the many retailers who sell tickets. In 2013, revenues and bonuses for retailers across the state topped $34 million, while nearly $340 million was paid out in prizes to the public. Whilst the weekly results of the Washington lottery are eagerly anticipated by many in the region, the commission also takes part in measures to raise awareness about problem gambling. It also works with the State Patrol’s Amber Alert Program and the not-for-profit Page Ahead organisation that promotes literacy in children.

Throughout its history the Washington lottery has always worked to provide a better service and life to its customers and recently introduced the Washington lottery app that means people can check their numbers on the move via their smartphones.

Other Washington Lottery Information

Who Benefits from the Washington Lottery?

One of the purposes of the lottery is, of course, to raise money for good causes and all 42 participating states in the US use money provided from ticket sales to fund such things as education and provide financial aid to students. Washington lottery results may be the big thing residents are waiting for but there are many more winners out there benefiting from the billions raised since legislation was introduced to allow a state funded lottery.

The Washington Opportunities Pathway Account received $115.6 million in 2013 and helps provide grants, work study programs and early childhood education programs. Retailers received $35 million in bonuses and commissions and $339.4 million was paid out in prizes to Washingtonians.

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