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FAQ's and General Questions About Lottery24

Lottery24 publishes lottery results for the lotteries available to play as well as other lotteries as soon as possible after the draw. Lottery24 tries to find the following information where possible, drawn lottery numbers, number of winners, each prize category.
2. HOW DO I RESET MY LOTTERY24 PASSWORD?You can reset your Lottery24 password on the sign up page. Should you struggle please contact customer support.
3. IS THERE A SIGN-UP FEE?Opening a Lottery24 account is completely free and without any charges. Open your Lottery24 account here. The only charges are for your lottery tickets.
4. DO I GET A RECEIPT FOR MY LOTTERY TICKETS?You will receive an email purchase confirmation from Lottery24 shortly after you have paid for your lottery tickets. Should you not have received an email from us, please check your spam folder and add Lottery24 to your safe sender list.
5. ARE THE PRICES THE SAME FOR EVERY LOTTERY TICKET?No lottery ticket prices vary depending on the game. Most lotteries are differently prices and our charges are adapted accordingly.
6. CAN I ALWAYS USE THE SAME NUMBERS?Your numbers are completely up to you. You can either enter your numbers every time, or you can go to a previous purchase and choose the same numbers you have played with previously. 
7. HOW MANY DIFFERENT LOTTERIES CAN I PLAY AT ONE TIME?There is no limit, you can play as many lotteries and as many entries as you wish. Please do remember to play the lottery responsibly.
8. HOW CAN I KEEP UP TO DATE AND INFORMED WITH LOTTERY JACKPOTS, PROMOTIONS ETC?Lottery24 sends short news updates about jackpots and lottery games as well as some lottery news.
9. FROM WHERE CAN I PLAY?You play the lottery on Lottery24 from wherever you are. An improved mobile solution is currently in progress and we will inform customers when the mobile version has been completed.
10. IS IT SECURE TO PLAY ON LOTTERY24?Customer data protection is something that is taken seriously and we do our best at all times to keep customer information held securely.
11. IS LOTTERY24 A FRAUD?Lottery24 is a safe and easy way to play international lotteries online. We can assure our current members and anyone interested in joining, that Lottery24 is not a fraudulent service. Lottery24 requires no join up or cancellation fee and you are not bound with the service by any contract. Lottery24 can be played from where ever you wish to play around the world at any time.
12. WHY DO JACKPOT WINNING’S SOMETIMES VARYING FOR WEEK TO WEEKS?Jackpots can increase due to nobody winning the jackpot amount. Until there is somebody with a winning ticket who can claim the prize, the jackpot amount will go up week by week until this happens. Once someone has won, the amount will decrease and the prize amount will drop. This is to start the process from the start again.
13. HOW CAN I KEEP UPDATE AND INFORMED WITH LOTTERY JACKPOTS, PROMOTIONS ETC?Once you have signed up with Lottery24, newsletters are sent out twice a week via email. These will inform you of any changes that have been made, new lotteries, competitions etc.
14. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET MY WINNINGS?It depends from the amount of the prize. Prizes up to €1,000 are credited into your account immediately, while for higher prizes you will have to wait at least 4 weeks.