1. How do I check my lottery results on Lottery24?

You can check the results of any lottery sold by Lottery24 shortly after the draw via our Results Page

2. Is there a sign-up fee?

There is no sign up fee to pay when becoming a Lottery24 member. Lottery tickets are the only thing that will have to be paid for. Open a free Lottery24 account now.

3. Is there any other way of playing besides playing on the website?

For the time being, Lottery24 tickets can only be sold and played online on the Lottery24 website.

4. Can I stop being a Lottery24 member at any time?

Yes you can. Send an email to customer support or go to MyAccount and request to shut your account. Should you no longer wish to receive newsletters you also alter your notification/email settings after logging in to set which messages you want to receive from Lottery24.

5. What currencies can I play in?

When opening your Lottery24 account you can select your preferred currency, currently GB Pounds, Euros and US Dollars. The actual amount charged to the credit card may vary slightly as payments are processed in Euros. Minor variations can occur due to rounding of conversion rates between the amount shown and the amount billed.

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