1. What can I do to improve my chance of winning?

The only chance of improving your overall chance is to either play several tickets as well as to play frequently. While we want to encourage you to play within your limits, the more entries you have the better your chance of winning. If the chance of winning the UK Lotto was 1:13 million, by having 2 entries or tickets, your chance of winning the top jackpot would be 1:6.5 million

2. Why do I never win the lottery?

We have seen that some players seem to play number patterns. Patterns like 1, 11, 21, 31, 41 for example or diagonal lines across the coupon, or date of births seem to attract less or lower prizes. Theoretically the chance of those numbers coming up is the same, however these numbers do seem to come up less often

3. Do other players win the lottery?

Yes players do win the lottery. We have had a customer from Uganda who won a small price of £10,000 a year ago. He apparently walked ONE day to an internet café to communicate with friends and family and sometimes purchased a lottery ticket while he was there.

We have had another customer who several years ago won £52,000 playing the UK Lottery. Only two months later, he won another €38,000 playing the EuroMillions lottery.

We have also had a lottery syndicate win €500,000 a while ago and a German customer who won over €12 million at the EuroMillions lottery.

4. Has somebody recently won any significant prices?

Somebody constantly wins the lottery. If you want to have a look through some lottery winners you can find EuroMillions Lottery winners, Powerball winners or Mega Millions lottery winners here. We have seen lottery winners who have played for years, every draw and others who apparently just play a one-off ticket and win. However lottery winners do come from all sorts of backgrounds, regardless if homeless, mechanic, IT developers or bankers. The good thing is that the chance of winning is the same for everybody!

5. How to win the lottery?

To win the lottery guaranteed, you will need to play all combinations. If the chance of winning is 1:13 million, you will need to enter all 13 million chances or possibilities. Occasionally, if you had that sort of money, the jackpot would even be large enough to play all the possibilities and still make a profit, however the problem would arise if several people would split the jackpot.

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