1. What is the playing procedure?

Open an Account and confirm your receipt of email to make sure we can notify you of winnings. Add your numbers by using lucky dips or the virtual lottery coupon. Add the numbers/coupon to your shopping cart. Lastly, checkout by paying with Credit Card or PayPal. You may also use your account balance and top up your account by bank transfer.

Once paid, you should receive an email confirmation of your numbers. After the draw you will receive an email with the numbers drawn and the numbers you played.


2. Why are purchases non-refundable?

Purchases are not refundable because we purchase your lottery ticket as soon as possible. Lottery tickets can not be refunded by the lottery organisers and once purchased we are unable to get the money back from them. Lottery24 recommends you double check your chosen lottery numbers before purchasing to avoid any disappointment. 

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