1. Is my data held secure?

Lottery24 takes data protection seriously. We make sure all of our customers data is held secure at all times and is not passed on to any third parties.

2. Do you pass on my details to third parties?

Lottery24 handle your information securely and confidentially, and we do not at any time pass your information on to third parties.

3. Can somebody else reset my password?

Passwords can only be reset if any other persons have access to your account information, such as the account email address or current password.

If you would like to change/reset your password, you can do so at any time by going to the ‘Log In’ button and selecting ‘forgotten password’.

4. What if I have moved address?

Moving address will not affect your Lottery24 account. Lottery winnings are always sent using your customer account details and any other form of contact that lottery24 has with its customers is done so through email.

5.What if I have moved to another country? 

Moving to another country will have no affect on your account with Lottery24. Access to your account will not change and your usual log in details can be used at anytime, anywhere around the world.

6. What can I do to make my account even more secure?

There are ways in which you can keep your account safe.

-Do not leave the computer you are using unattended while you are logged in. This gives other people around you easy access to use your account once it’s already logged in.

- Make sure your password is strong. It’s important to choose a password that will not be suspected by anybody else. Please make sure this password is kept to yourself and is easy for you to remember at all times.

- Please take care when leaving your bank details lying around. If your computer is already logged in and your bank details are accessible this again can make it easy for people to not only use and buy on your Lottery24 account but also have access to your personal data. 

7. What if my email address has changed?

Your email address is the way in which Lottery24 is most likely to get a hold of you for any reason so it’s important that you are using a valid and frequently used email address.

Using a valid email address is also important when signing up and using your Lottery24 account to ensure that you will always have access to your account. If your email address has changed and your old email address is no longer in use at all, make sure the new email address you are now using is your Lottery24 email address too.

To change your email address on your account, you will need to contact Lottery24 customer support and they will change it for you.

8. Why do I need to have cookies enabled? What are you using them for?

Due to the fact that you need to log in using your account details and to be sure they are always entered in a secure environment, it is necessary for us to store a cookie on your computer.

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