1. Must I be a UK, US, European resident / citizen to play?

No, you don't physically need to be in the UK, US or Europe to play. Lottery24 have had recent winners from South Africa, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands and Poland to name a few who claimed and got their prizes from playing international lotteries.

2. Is it legal to sell tickets for the UK National Lottery, Thunderball and EuroMillions online?

The UK's Lotteries Act (1993) states that a lottery ticket may only be purchased in the UK. Lottery24.com does comply with this provision. We contractually agree with you (via our terms and conditions) that we will pay 95% of the winnings on any ticket, 5% of the winnings being retained. We agree to split the winnings with you, no resale or transfer of the ticket (purchased in the UK) to the Player takes place, as this would be in contravention of the legislation.

3. How long before the draws do ticket sales close?

On the page where you select your numbers, you can see how much longer we can accept lottery tickets for any lottery. Due to all the different time zones lottery draws are taking place it makes no sense to set all lotteries to one specific time.

4. How old must I be to play with Lottery24.com?

You must be 18 years old, or over. In the event of a large prize we might need to validate your name with a copy of your passport to make sure all details are consistent and secure to avoid somebody trying to gain access to your prize.

5. Why do you own 5% of each ticket?

We are required by law to own a percentage of each ticket we buy. When we pay out winning tickets, we keep 5% as a service charge as this makes us partners instead of re-sellers of lottery tickets which is not a problem with legislation.

6. Are there any countries that may not play at Lottery24.com?

No. Lottery24 does not exclude anybody, but please note that there are anti-fraud systems in place that will flag your account should you be in a high-risk country known for Credit card fraud. All it means is that we will not process your payment and we will manually need to verify that you are who you say you are, and that you're using your own credit card.

7. Do I have to be in certain countries to play certain lotteries?

No. Lottery24 allows you to play any lottery from any country from where ever you are in the world.

8. Can I stop being a member at any time?

Yes you can. Send an email to Lottery24 customer support or go to My Account and request to shut your account. Should you no longer wish to receive newsletters you also alter your notification/email settings after logging in to set which messages you want to receive from Lottery24.

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