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Andrick Humphreys, from Portsmouth Ohio, had been telling his friends that he needed a Mega Millions jackpot win to pay off his student loan. On 16th September 2008, Humphreys, aged 33, was visiting friends in South Webster and decided to buy a Mega Million Quick Pick on the way home.

He bought his winning Mega Millions jackpot ticket from Jeep Fuel, 10532 N. Main Street, South Webster, Ohio. Humphreys let the machine choose his numbers, opting for a Mega Millions Quick Pick. Jeep Fuel will receive $50,000 for making Humphreys an Ohio state Mega Millions lottery winner.














Andrick, from Portsmouth, Ohio, said he had a premonition that he was going to win. He only started buying tickets in January 2008 and only plays once a week but he had a strong feeling that he was going to be a Mega Millions lottery winner. Humphreys is an army war veteran who decided to take a degree in history at Shawnee University in Portsmouth and graduates in December 2008.


Humphreys said he checked his Mega Millions Quick Pick ticket over and over again on the internet until he finally made himself believe that he indeed was a Mega Millions lottery winner.

He decided to go back to South Webster and check his Mega Millions Quick Pick ticket at the store where he had bought it. “We were waiting for him to come in all day. The minute he came in we knew he was the winner with the look he had on his face.”

It was something that was exciting for everyone,” said Adam Rase, manager of Jeep Fuel, who sold Humphreys the winning ticket. Sherole Eaton, regional manager of the Ohio Lottery said, “This is something we are all excited about. Andrick Humphreys said, “It was an amazing feeling walking into Jeep Fuel yesterday.I knew I won that morning. I found out on the internet and I could not believe it and kept checking it. I finally got it in my head that those were the exact numbers.”


Andrick Humphreys decided not to take the $15 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot in one lump sum but to take the annuity payouts over twenty six years. As a Mega Millions lottery winner, he will receive $600,000 during the first year and $576,000 every year thereafter. Humphreys Mega Millions jackpot will be subject to 31% Federal and State taxes.