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Having $324 million drop into your lap is a life-changing experience, it doesn’t matter who you are. And that’s just what happened to Mega Millions winner Steve Tran from Northern California. But it wasn’t instant success for the man himself. His ticket for the 17th December 2013 draw remained unclaimed until January until he saw a news item saying the winning Mega Millions lottery ticket had been bought in San Jose.

The mystery ticket holder had been creating headline news for quite a while as media outlets tried to find out who the winner of the Mega Millions lotto jackpot was and why they hadn’t claimed their prize.



He recalled thinking that when the Mega Millions lottery draw was made back in December someone was going to be a lucky person that night, but it didn’t occur to him that he was the one who held the winning ticket. He decided to play Mega Millions with several lines of numbers at Jennifer’s Gift Shop in San Jose the Saturday prior to the December 17th Mega Millions lottery draw. He then went on holiday and it wasn’t until he got back that he heard the news that the winning ticket still had not been claimed.

Tran shared the Mega Millions lotto jackpot of $648 million with another winner, Ira Curry, and elected to take a lump sum before tax of $176 million.

Tran’s winning Mega Millions numbers were 8, 14, 17, 20, 39 plus Mega Number 7.

To see whther any of these numbers are historically amongst the most and least drawn then our Mega Millions number statistics has that information.



The Mega Millions winner was a delivery driver and travelled extensively around the area. He tended to buy his tickets wherever his delivery route took him, which is the main reason why he didn’t initially think anything when the winning Mega Millions lottery ticket was found to come from San Jose.

So, for a month unassuming Steve Tran didn’t realise he was a multi-millionaire.

Remember you can conveniently check your own numbers using our Mega Millions results checker.

When he did check the Mega Millions results and realised he had the ticket with the winning numbers, one of the first things Tran did was to contact his boss at the delivery firm and tell him he wouldn’t be coming back to work.

Along with Ira Curry, Tran was the winner of the second largest Mega Millions lotto jackpot in history.

According to the lottery commission, the odds of winning were about 250 million to one and to have two winning tickets on the same day was a life changing event for both recipients. The previous 22 draws had produced no outright winner and over $336 million were spent on tickets for the December 17th draw.





The hunt for the big Mega Millions lottery winner was big news across America, filling time on the major media outlets and channels for weeks as everyone speculated who the lucky person was. The furore only subsided when Tran himself came forward, holding the winning ticket.

Despite the best efforts of hungry reporters to find out more about the Mega Millions winner, Steve Tran stayed out of the limelight. He gave up his job and immediately set about planning a new, much longer vacation. What else he did with his lottery landslide is anyone’s guess, as is the exact location where he and his family now live.

Owner of the shop that sold Tran the winning ticket, Thuy Nguyen also received a prize of $1 million.

Mary Shamma’s won a $64 million Mega Millions jackpot in 2010 and the store which sold her the winning ticket received a $10,000 bonus.