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Meet New York Mega Millions Winner Philip Cimino

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A Florist from Garden Park City in Nasau County won the New York Mega Millions Lottery draw held on November 2nd 2012. Philip Cimino correctly matched the winning numbers of 4, 18, 22, 38, 44 and the mega ball of 24. The New York Lottery Director, Gretchen Dizer, presented the winner with his cheque at the Lottery Customer Service Centre in Garden City on November 7th. Mr Cimino, who is single and doesn’t have any children, attended the ceremony alone. His girlfriend apparently ‘didn’t want the notoriety’ he said.


The 67 year old doesn’t plan to take things easy despite winning the Mega Millions lottery jackpot, but intends to carry on working in the floristry business where he designs bouquets and floral arrangements. “One day I’m worried about paying my bills and the next day, that’s all gone”, he said. Having worked at the same company for 42 years he said “I can’t just give it up like that” The winning Mega Millions ticket was purchased from Mineola Card & Smoke Shop in Mineola on Jericho Turnpike on his way to work and the same day as the draw itself. Mr Cimino has opted for the lump sum payment of just under $25 million, which, after taxes, comes out at $16 million for his Mega Millions lottery jackpot.


The Mega Millions winner from New York went on to explain how he chose the winning number combination. Apparently they all came from sales receipts he saves from different stores. “These receipts are full of numbers and I pick six at random” he told reporters. Typically he uses the same set of numbers for a few weeks and then he “drags out the receipts and starts all over.” He was about to change the numbers again but then changed his mind and decided to use them one last time, which proved to be very lucky for him!


Mr Cimino is planning to use his Mega Millions lottery jackpot money to donate to the fund to raise money for the victims of hurricane sandy – the most deadly and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. It claimed the lives of 97 people and Mr Cimino feels very lucky as all he lost was his “TV and telephone.” As yet he has not decided how much of his windfall he will donate the charity.

Buying a condo also seems to be on the horizon, but apart from that, there are no other plans for this latest Mega Millions lottery winner from New York.
“I just want to sleep at night knowing I’ll be okay” said Mr Cimino.