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Anneliese Hansen and Brian Cabaud’s Mega Millions Win

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Anneliese Hansen and Brian Cabaud of Sonoma, both work for the Marin County Sheriff’s department and on 1st May 2009 became one of three winners of the multistate $227 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot with the winning numbers of 9, 16, 24, 40, 43, and Mega ball 35.


Anneliese was just about to start her shift as a Deputy Sheriff when Brian Cabaud, who had just finished his shift, told her that they had won one third of the Mega Millions lottery jackpot. Hansen thought that Cabaud was playing a cruel joke on her and refused to believe him. Hansen persuaded Cabaud to meet him at the place where he had bought the winning ticket on his way home after his shift on Thursday 30th April 2009. Cabaud said he spent $30 on a Quickpick and they only played the California Mega Millions lottery when the jackpot was over $100 million.











Hansen and Cabaud met at Strawberry Chevron Food Mart, 580 Redwood Highway in Mill Valley and put their ticket through the scanner. Cabaud apparently started to cry and Hansen, who was in full uniform started jumping up and down and shouting with joy at having the California Mega Millions lottery winning numbers. “It’s always fun to see a sheriff jumping up and down,” Hansen said at the press conference which was held at the state Lottery district office in Hayward. Strawberry Chevron Food Mart will receive $375,000 for selling the Mega Millions lottery jackpot winning ticket.


The Mega Millions lottery winners from California, Anneliese, aged 24 and Brian, aged 31 didn’t reveal much about their private life at the press conference where they were presented with a cheque for $75.7 million which was their share of the Mega Millions jackpot. The only fact that came out was that Cabaud was a 1995 graduate from Novato High School. Hansen didn’t want to give any information.

Hansen and Cabaud have got 60 days to decide whether they want to take a cash payout of $48 million before taxes or whether they want to take an annual annuity payment of their Mega Millions lottery jackpot over 26 years.

When Hansen was asked about their relationship, she answered, “He’s my mechanic, and we live together.” Hansen said that the week before she had brought up the question of sharing any Lottery win. “I said to him, just to be clear, if you buy a ticket or I buy a ticket, it’s our ticket, right?”

They held hands throughout the whole press conference and were grinning like Cheshire cats. They said they still didn’t have any of the California Mega Millions lottery money, “Our bank account still has the same disappointment in it right now,” Hansen said. “We live normal blue-collar lives.” “It’s very surreal,” Cabaud said. “We intend to live our lives as normal as possible.” When they were asked about their future plans, Cabaud said, “Think, really. It’s very new and overwhelming, and we just really haven’t had time to make any decisions.” Hansen said, “We’re still waiting for them to say, you know, ‘Joke’s on you’.”


Anneliese Hansen has been in the Sheriff’s department for over two years and Cabaud has been there for four years. Hansen said she first took a fancy to Cabaud when she was working in the jail. “He just had this goofy smile to him,” she said, “I’ll never forget that day.”

The Mega Millions lottery winners from California are not sure whether they will go back to work or not. They haven’t had a chance to talk to Sheriff Robert Doyle, but Cabaud said, “We go to work, and we’re at work. We devote ourselves to work. And when we get home, we’re off, and that’s our life, you know? And I don’t think that is really going to change.”



Hansen and Cabaud intend to go to Disneyland to celebrate their Mega Millions jackpot win. Neither of them has been since they were children and they can’t wait to ride Space Mountain.

Hansen says she is going to replace her 1996 Toyota Camry with a brand new Volvo SUV. Cabaud, who used to be a mechanic at General Motors, describes himself as “a Ford guy.”



“The one charity we want to help right away is the one that benefits the four fallen Oakland police officers,” said Cabaud. These police officers died in the line of duty on 21st March, when a gunman opened fire on them, before he was shot himself.

Cabaud was part of Marin County Sheriff’s honour guard at the memorial service.

“All law enforcement is very much like a brotherhood and sisterhood,” Cabaud said. “For them to give up everything they had to keep the public safe is something we should never forget.”



Brian Cabaud saved the life of a 77 year old woman in November 2008 and was awarded a Life Saving Medal. The woman was reported missing by her husband.

Cabaud noticed her floating in the canal behind her home. Apparently she had been in the water for over 30 minutes. Cabaud went in, dragged her out and called the paramedics. Thankfully, she was still breathing but very cold.