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$189m Mega Millions lottery winner has light bulb moment!

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Maryland is home to yet another sensational lottery win. This time the winner, who has chosen to remain anonymous, hid his Mega Millions Lotto ticket in a light bulb socket for over a week before driving through a downpour to claim his win at lottery headquarters. Standing alongside 12 of his family members, the Anne Arundel County resident became the second largest Mega Millions Lottery jackpot winner in Maryland’s history. Holding banners to obscure their faces, all 13 people declared themselves to be “blessed, excited, fortunate and happy!!”




Accepting the incredible win on behalf of his “lucky family”, the man revealed how his winning Maryland Mega Millions numbers appeared to him in a dream. He spoke of how his relatives all appeared in the dream, each saying the lucky numbers. The next day he went to his local lottery retailer, the Dash In on Quarterfield Rd in Severn, and purchased 10 Mega Millions Lotto tickets choosing different combinations of the numbers in his dream.













The day after the draw a relative called the winner at work to tell him the Dash In had sold the winning ticket. Then asking for the winning Mega Millions numbers, the winner said he remembers saying “wow! I got all of those numbers on one line.”

The lucky winner is also quoted as telling reporters that life has been hard for him and his family since the “economy went down.” Having selected the cash option, it means he received a Mega Millions prize of $86 million after taxes.




The man already has some plans set out for his huge win. These include setting up a charity – although no details are available as of now – and sharing the money with his large extended (and no doubt very grateful!) family. Many of his relatives say they will pay off their mortgages but have no other plans for the money as of now.



According to Carole Everett, the communications director at the lottery, “Everyone’s a winner when the jackpot comes home to Maryland”. In addition to the Mega Millions Lottery jackpot winner, the retailer who sold the ticket will be given £100,000 commission for selling the ticket and the state of Maryland will receive over $11 million in taxes. This can be spent on public projects thereby helping the local community.



During 2013 Maryland saw 2 jackpot winners and since then there have been many winners, on an impressive, but on a slightly smaller scale:In March 2014 a family of six from Olney was delighted with a life-changing Maryland Lottery prize of $50,000 won on a Monopoly scratch-off. The engaged couple now plan their dream wedding as well as buy a new home.












A 49 year old fire-fighter won a sizzling $10,000 with a scratch-off card two weeks ago.

Apparently the Howard County man relaxes after a night shift by playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs. The lucky player stopped off at Troy Farms Liquors in Elkridge and bought a number of tickets. Checking them at home, he discovered he was a winner.

The fire fighter who is not married and has no children, is planning to use some of his prize to help out his extended family. “I consider myself a very giving person and I plan to help my family the best I can,” he said.



The Lottery advises all ticket holders to sign the back of their ticket as soon as is purchased. If it is subsequently a ticket for example with the winning Mega Millions numbers, the advice is to keep it in a safe place until the prize fund is claimed.

Winners have a maximum of 182 days from the date of the lottery draw to claim their prize and must do so in person at the Baltimore Claims Centre at Lottery Headquarters which is located at 1800 Washington Boulevard, USA.