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Bolke Family Siblings Win $46.5 Mega Millions Jackpot

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The Bolke family scooped a Mega Millions lottery win of $46.5 million on 1st February 2011. The five siblings won with a Mega Millions Quick Pick bought by their mother with the numbers 16, 22, 23, 26, 35 and 31. This was half of the $93 million Mega Millions prize, the other half was won by a group of postal workers from Romulus, Michigan.
















The five siblings of the Bolke family will take home $5.8 million each (before taxes) thanks to their lucky Mega Millions numbers. Albert, Carl, Ann, Marsha and Margaret have the world’s most wonderful mother, Martha Bolke, aged 87, as even though she bought the winning Mega Millions Quick Pick tickets, she does not want any of the money.

Martha Bolke said she had been playing the lottery for years. Her children gave her money each week to buy lottery tickets for them as they always felt that, if anyone was going to win, it would be their mother. How right they were!



The Bolke family nominated Ann McClelland’s son, Jimmy McClelland to accept the cheque on their behalf on 17th February. They wanted to keep a low profile. Jimmy described the family as “hardworking, low-key and down-to-earth. We are truly blessed and thankful.” Jimmy added, “Besides everything they are going to be able to do for their own families, they are happy for their siblings.”

Martha Bolke bought the winning Mega Millions Quick Pick ticket at Strack & Van Til at 12 Ridge Road, Munster and the store will receive $100,000 for selling the ticket containing the lucky Mega Millions numbers. Martha Bolke was in a hurry and only bought one ticket, saying to the cashier, “Give me anything.”

Jimmy McClelland described how his Aunt Marsha often had his grandmother, Martha Bolke, over for dinner and Martha would hand over the lottery tickets she had bought that week. Marsha didn’t check the tickets until a couple of days later, “I just kept checking the ticket, then I called my sister in Reno.” Marsha took a photograph of the ticket and sent it to her sister, Ann to double check.


Grandmother Martha Bolke was actually in Reno with her daughter, Ann when Marsha sent through the photograph of the Mega Millions Quick Pick ticket. Ann started screaming and running up and down the stairs which sent Granny into a flat panic! Martha said, “Ann jumped so high, she almost hit the ceiling.” Martha Bolke repeatedly asked her daughter what was wrong and Ann kept replying, “Nothing, Mom, nothing’s wrong, nothing, we won!”

Martha Bolke may have been buying lottery tickets for years, but she doesn’t understand the concept of a Mega Millions jackpot and said, “Wow, that’s great, you can buy a new car.” Ann replied, “no, I don’t think you understand, we won millions.”


Martha Bolke let her children keep all the Mega Millions lottery money. Just knowing that the one Mega Millions Quick Pick that she bought has brought so much to her family has made her incredibly happy. She was widowed 18 years ago. “My children all needed it desperately. They’re good Christians and they work so hard. I didn’t want anything. I’m living on Social Security. My home was paid for a long time ago.” Martha said her husband was her guardian angel and always looking out for her.


Three of the five siblings had already retired and the other two are able to join them thanks to the lucky Mega Millions numbers. The difference was that now they could all pay off their mortgages and enjoy life quietly. “We made decisions on how we are going to take care of everything,” Marsha said, “its still sort of incredible and hard to believe. It’s a real blessing. Every one of them, to a person, would say I’m excited for myself, but I’m excited for my sister or my brother or what they can do for their children.”