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Mega Millions Winners – Adcock Brothers

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The Duck’s Corner Good and Gas is a memorable place for Adcock brothers Bernard and Tucker ‘TJ’ from Buckingham County, Virginia. It’s definitely somewhere they will remember fondly for the rest of their lives because it’s where they bought the Mega Millions jackpot winning ticket that changed everything.

When TJ found out that they had the Mega Millions winning numbers, the first thing he said to his brother was: “I think we have a problem.”

The brothers were set to share the Mega Millions jackpot of $330 million with 3 other lucky winners for the August 31st 2012 draw. They had, unusually for most players of the State lottery, decided to take the prize as an annuity which would mean they could be collecting a nice $3.17 million each year for the next 26 years.


When they attended the news conference to collect their Virginia Mega Millions winnings, the boys revealed that they had not rushed out to spend their money, though Bernard admitted to having eaten well and buying a lot of steaks.

The two Mega Millions winning brothers from Virginia, both in their 50s, selected easy picks for their numbers and initially lost. It was Tucker who wanted to use the numbers once more for the August draw and so their success has to be put down to this lucky moment of inspiration. They were obviously cagey about what they were going to do with this massive windfall and what big decisions would have to be made.

But the younger Adcock, Bernard, said: “Right now nothing is going to change. We were both making it OK before we hit the lottery.”


The Mega Millions jackpot would mean a lot to the two boys. They had worked hard all their lives and deserved a bit of luck in getting the Mega Millions winning numbers according to long-time friend Roger Turnes. While Bernard had retired from Virginia Department of Corrections some years ago, his brother was still working three jobs at the time of the Virginia Mega Millions win. TJ confessed that he may well continue working but could scale back to just two jobs in the future.

The owner of Duck’s Corner Good and Gas that sold the boys their tickets with the Mega Millions winning numbers, Gus Trekas, had a pay day himself, netting $50,000 for selling the winning ticket. He said he hoped more people would now come to his shop if they knew that he had sold the winning ticket.

The other winners of the big Mega Millions jackpot were from Texas, Maryland and New Jersey and shared in an overall jackpot of $330 million.


It’s not just the four recipients of the grand prize who have benefited from the Virginia Mega Millions pay out draw over the years. The jackpot had rolled over several times before it was claimed in August and that means over $13.4 million was also raised for Virginia’s school projects. Since it started way back in 1999, the lottery has raised more than $3.4 billion for similar causes.

Meanwhile the Adcock brothers, along with the three other winners of the Mega Millions pay out are settling down to a new life where they don’t have to worry how they are going to settle those bills or afford that new car or house.

All of this for the price of a simple lottery ticket!